Vince Filak

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Vincent F. Filak, Ph.D. is an award-winning teacher, scholar and college media adviser. He serves as a professor of journalism at University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, where he primarily teaches courses on media writing and reporting and advises the Advance-Titan. He has published five textbooks in the field of journalism: “Dynamics of News Reporting and Writing,” (Sage, 2018), “Dynamics of Media Writing” (Sage, 2016), “Convergent Journalism” (2nd Edition; Focal, 2015), “The Journalist’s Handbook to Online Editing” (with Kenneth Rosenauer; Pearson, 2013) and “Convergent Journalism: An Introduction” (with Stephen Quinn; Focal, 2005). In support of his reporting and writing books, Dr. Filak runs the blog, where you can learn how to avoid publishing dumb things, why Twitter's character change is like owning fat pants and what a Filak-ism is, among other things.