AnimeNEXT 2018

Welcome to AnimeNEXT 2018, the 17th edition of our convention. We are so happy that you chose to spend some of your valuable time with us here in beautiful Atlantic City, New Jersey - our home for the last three years and hopefully for many more. I'm Vince Averello, chairman of the show this year. You may recognize me from many comments in our Facebook group. We've been working hard since before last year's event ended to put together the best show we can. There will be a plethora of experiences to be had, some brand new, like our Costume Formal, some returning after being gone for years, like the Fashion Show and others that are evergreen favorites, like the Masquerade. Enjoy as many as you can along with the sights, sounds and food of our host city. We're working our premiere sponsor, the anime streaming service HiDive to help bring more excitement for everyone. I'd like to take a quick moment to thank the whole AnimeNEXT staff for doing an unbelievable job of putting together the show. Also the crew at MeetAC provides more support than I can ever hope to properly thank.

Your convention chairman,
Vince Averello