2018 NNECERAPPA Annual Conference

Welcome Colleagues!

On behalf of Southern New Hampshire University and The Derryfield School host committee, we welcome you to the Spring 2018 NNECERAPPA Conference. Our committee has worked hard over the last year to ensure this conference will be informative, educational, and fun!

We selected the theme “Building the Future Together Through Innovation" to emphasize the importance of both collaboration and innovation when managing our facilities and employees during these rapidly changing times. Innovation can provide us with unique solutions to difficult problems, and allows us to be successful when resources are limited. Innovation is the creativity we need to bring to our jobs each day when we service our customers. We hope that you'll learn something new in this year's program what will allow you to succeed in your organization. Better yet, we hope that you connect with a colleague so that these innovations can be shared.

The educational sessions this year are excellent and provide attendees with the opportunity to learn about current practices from industry experts. There are sessions applicable to a variety of Facilities personnel ensuring that there are valuable sessions for all.

We'd like to take a moment to thank the Chapter Business Partners, educational session presenters, and the conference organizers for all their efforts to make this conference possible. A special thanks to the entire SNHU and Derryfield School Host Committee for their hard work to make this conference a success!

Please take advantage of all that this conference offers. Enjoy the tours, the educational sessions, the networking opportunities, and take some time to enjoy the area too. Manchester is a vibrant city with many wonderful attractions and restaurants. Should you need assistance during the conference, please seek out a member of the host committee or a member of the board. They will be happy to assist you. Again, welcome to Southern New Hampshire University, we are pleased to host the Spring 2018 Conference!

Planning Committee
  • Marc Guertin, Southern New Hampshire University
  • Scott Greeb, Southern New Hampshire University
  • Holly Arnold, Southern New Hampshire University
  • Gary Harper, The Derryfield School
  • Karen Hull, The Derryfield School