TIMC - Finding Our Passion


you know, this year our Company Workshop is from February 13th to 17th.

14th, Valentine’s Day, falls during this week, and since Valentine’s
Day is a celebration of love, of what we hold dear to our heart, the timing
could not be better for our workshop’s THEME:


comes a time in every company’s history, in our story as a company, when we
need to re-think what drives us, what keeps us going and where we want to
go.  What is it exactly that makes TIMC tick?  What makes you tick?


keynote speaker, training sessions and team-building activities will all be
focused on Finding our Passion - for what we do every day at TIMC.


Please note that on Monday February 13th, everyone must arrive at
the office for 8:00am, and the day will end around 8:00pm (return to the office
at that time). ***  


rest of the week is regular office hours (9:00 to 5:00) and Thursday evening is
the curling activity, ending around 8:00pm.