1. 57Digital
    A skin design event using the "Minecraft Skin Scanner" app! Grab some marker pens and a template, design your own skin and upload it right into the game!
  2. Curse
    Photobooth, meet & greets, and an epic scanvenger hunt.
  3. Google
    Bringing quantum physics to the world of Minecraft with the qCraft mod.
  4. J!NX
    Minecraft merchandise, from the Official Minecraft Store!
  5. Jazwares
    Minecraft merch sales.
  6. Legendary, LLC
    Autograph signing, tournaments, and giveaways.
  7. LEGO
    Building a LEGO mural!
  8. Masque Studios
    Launching a Beta Minecraft game hosting product, to play mini-games & adventure maps.
  9. MCProHosting
    Some of the top YouTubers playing in head to head mini-games.
  10. McPVP
    16-player tournaments on our newest server.
  11. Microsoft
    XBOX Minecraft Free Play
  12. MinecraftEdu
    Play the Minecraft Education mod.
  13. MultiCube
    Play the Minecraft mini-game, FalloutMC.
  14. MVGNetwork.com
    Free giveaways for the "Whole in the Cylinder" game, as well as meet & greets and autographs over 20 Minecraft YouTubers.
  15. Now Computing
    Mini-game compeition!
  16. One Peace
    Showcasing the Bukkit plugin and doing giveaways.
  17. PlanetMinecraft
    A virtual reality Minecraft roller coaster ride, and a 25 hour Minecraft charity event!
  18. Seven Stories
    Book Signing for Minecraft: The Unlikely Tale of Markus "Notch" Persson and the Game that Changed Everything.
  19. Snaju
    Demonstrating the Bottn Platform (Minecraft in the Cloud).
  20. SpigotMC
    Showing off the that's used to power and link the worlds largest Minecraft communities and networks.
  21. StickyPiston
    Showing off modded servers, playing mini-games, and much more.
  22. ThinkGeek
    Minecraft merch sales.