1. Vicki Abbinante, Ph.D.
    IAEM-USA Children in Disasters Caucus, Vice Chair
  2. Rockey Adams
    Berrien County Sheriff’s Office, Emergency Management and Homeland Security
  3. David Adler, MS, CEM
    DuPage County Office of Homeland Security & EM, Operations, Emergency Management Coordinator
  4. Bob Allen
    Chainbridge Technologies
  5. Cedric Andriamady, CEM
    IAEM-Global, Student Council, President
  6. Jono Anzalone, CEM, MS
    Airbnb, Global Disaster Response & Relief Partnerships and Special Projects Manager
  7. Grant Baldwin, Ph.D.
    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Division of Unintentional Injury Prevention, Director
  8. Mike Bardou
    National Weather Service - Chicago, Warning Coordination Meteorologist
  9. Joshua Barnes
    U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services, ASPR, National Recovery Coordinator
  10. Mona Barnes
    U.S. Virgin Islands Territorial Emergency Management Agency, State Director
  11. Geoffrey Bartlett, AEM
    IAEM-USA Universities & Colleges Caucus (UCC), Chair
  12. Heather Beal
    IAEM-USA Children in Disasters Caucus, Chair
  13. Chad Berginnis
    National Flood Barrier Testing and Certification Program
  14. Aimee Binning
    Albany County, Homeland Security Emergency Managment, Coordinator
  15. Gregg Bird, CEM
    Michigan Emergency Management Association (MEMA), President
  16. Karla Black, Ph.D.
    Kent County Health Department, Emergency Preparedness Program, Emergency Preparedness Coordinator
  17. Suzanne Blake, CEM
    IAEM-USA Climate, Water & Weather Caucus, Chair
  18. Gordon Brenner
    City of Colorado Springs, Office of Emergency Management, Recovery Coordinator
  19. Jon Brown
    City of Los Angeles, Emergency Management Department, Emergency Management Coordinator
  20. Ryan Buras
    FEMA, National Integration Center, National Qualification System Program Executive Office, Director
  21. Beverly Byerts
    Florida Department of Economic Opportunity, Private Sector Disaster Coordinator
  22. Jim Byrne
    Fort Collins Police Services, Emergency Preparedness and Special Events Division, Lieutenant
  23. Jane Cage
    EMergency Management Institute (EMI), Adjunct Instructor
  24. Don Campbell, CEM
    IAEM-USA Membership & Marketing Committee, Vice Chair
  25. Lucien Canton, CEM
    Lucien G. Canton, CEM (LLC), N/A, Owner
  26. Charles "Chuck" Casto, Ph.D.
    Casto Group Consulting LLC, President
  27. Walter Chomentowski
    Michigan State Police, Emergency Management & Homeland Security Division, Geospatial Intelligence Specialist
  28. Manya Chylinski
    2013 Boston Marathon, Survivor
  29. Cathy Clark
    IAEM-USA Training & Education Committee, Chair
  30. Bettina Coleman, MSP, CEM
    DC Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency (HSEMA), Senior Grant Program Manager
  31. John Conklin, CEM, MEP, P/PEM
    IAEM-USA Region 3, President
  32. Joseph Corona, CEM, MPA
    Montgomery County MD, Office of Emergency Management and Homeland Security, Outreach Coordinator
  33. Rebecca Costa
    The Costa Group, Inc., American Sociobiologist and Futurist
  34. Christy Crosser
    IAEM-USA Disaster Recovery & Finance Ad Hoc Committee, Vice Chair
  35. Lisa Crow, MS
    University of Maryland School of Law, Center for Health and Homeland Security, Senior Policy Analyst
  36. Al Davis, MBA, MS
    Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service (TEEX), Deputy Director
  37. Frank DeAngelis
    Columbine High School, Retired Principal
  38. Michele Devlin, Ph.D.
    University of Northern Iowa, n/a, Professor of Global Health and SARTECH II
  39. Marcus Deyerin, CEM, MEP
    King County METRO Tranist, Emergency Management Training and Exercise Specialist
  40. Martin DiGregory
    FEMA – Emergency Management Institute, Response and Recovery Branch, Training Specialist
  41. Joseph Dixon, CEM, MA
    Howard County Fire & Rescue, Operations, Assistant Fire Chief
  42. Amos Dodson
    NOAA/National Weather Service, Northern Indiana Weather Forecast Office, Meteorologist
  43. Keith Dowler, MA, CEM
    IAEM Certification Commission, Chair
  44. Patricia Draper, BS, PEM
    Kent County Health Department, Emergency Preparedness Program, Emergency Preparedness Specialist
  45. Bill Duchanse
    IAEM-USA Student Region, Second Vice President
  46. Roberta Dwyer, DVM, MS
    University of Kentucky, Animal and Food Sciences, Faculty Professor/Veterinarian
  47. Katie Edwards
    National Weather Service, Analyze Forecast and Support Office, Impact-Based Decision Support Services Program Manager
  48. Gene Felchner
    Illinois Department of Transportation, Bureau of Operations, Transportation Infrastructure Protection Section, Emergency Coordinator
  49. Don Fisher
    The Sextant Group, --, Senior System Designer
  50. Mary Jo Flynn, CEM
    Sacramento County OES, OES, Emergency Operations Coordinator
  51. Chandra Fox, CEM
    IAEM-USA Region 10, President
  52. Judson Freed, MA, CEM
    Ramsey County, Emergency Management and Homeland Security, Director and IAEM-USA Region 5, President
  53. Eli Fresquez,, Esq.
    New York City Mayor's Office, Office for People with Disabilities, Assistant General Counsel
  54. Andrew Friend, MA, CEM
    King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre, Quality Management, Disaster Clinical Specialist (Director of EM)
  55. Jamie Galloway, CEM, TEM
    IAEM-USA Region 6, President
  56. Kelly Garrett, EdD
    Emergency Management Institute, Emergency Management Professional Program, Director, EMPP
  57. George Gilbert, CEM
    IAEM-USA Uniformed Services Caucus, Chair
  58. Joseph Golden, Jr., CEM
    New York Power Authority, Emergency Management, Emergency Management Program Manager
  59. Tyra Gore, CEM
    IAEM-USA Membership & Marketing Committee, Chair
  60. Cody Grasty
    NC Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services, Emergency Programs Division, Emergency Management Specialist
  61. Thomas Graziano, Ph.D., MS
    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, National Weather Service, Director, Office of Water Prediction
  62. Kaylynn Gresham
    IAEM-USA Tribal Affairs Caucus, Vice Chair
  63. Mark Grey, Ph.D.
    University of Northern Iowa, Professor of Anthropology and SARTECH II
  64. Sean Griffin
    Disaster Analytics Corporation, Chief Strategy Officer
  65. Kim Guevara
    Mozaik Solutions, None, CEO
  66. Duane Hagelgans, JD, CSP
    Millersville University, Emergency Management, Associate Professor
  67. Danielle Hale
    Port of Corpus Christi, Emergency Management, Manager of Emergency Management
  68. David Hall
    Missouri State University, Emergency Manager
  69. Jeffrey Hansen, CEM
    IAEM-USA Tribal Affairs Caucus, Chair
  70. Nancy Harris
    IAEM-USA Region 2, President
  71. Carolyn Harshman, MPA, CEM
    Emergency Planning Consultants, President and IAEM-USA Region 9, President
  72. Damarius Harvell
  73. Deborah Helton
    IAEM-USA Transportation Ad Hoc Committee, Chair
  74. Trudy Henson
    UMB Center for Health & Homeland Security, CHHS, Public Health Program Director
  75. Michael Herman
    EY, Iinsurance and Federal Claim Services, Senior Manager
  76. Jeffrey Hice, MA
    Emergency Management Institute (EMI), Preparedness Branch, Training Specialist
  77. Eddie Hicks, CEM, MEP
    IAEM, Past IAEM-USA President
  78. Thad Hicks, PhD, CEM, MEP
    Ohio Christian University, Emergency Management, Director
  79. Andrea Higdon, MS
    University of Kentucky, College of Agriculture, Food and Environment, Emergency Management System Director
  80. Pam Hobbs, CEM
    Engineering Solutions Inc, Enterprise Mission Assurance, Program Manager
  81. Eric Hodges, CEM, MS
    Illinois State University, Emergency Manager
  82. Edward "Jody" Meiman III
    Louisville/Jefferson County Metro Emergency Services, Executive Director
  83. William Irwin, Sc.D., CHP
    Vermont, Departmen of Health, Radiological and Toxicological Sciences Program Chief
  84. Mark Jackson
    NOAA/National Weather Service, Los Angeles/Oxnard WFO, Meteorologist in Charge
  85. Matt Jadacki
    EY, Insurance and Federal Claims Services, Executive Director
  86. Jessica Jensen
    IAEM-USA Training & Education Committee, Vice Chair
  87. Tom Johnstone
    National Weather Service, WFO Corpus Christi, Meteorologist in Charge
  88. Joseph Jones, MS, CEM, CFO
    City of Aurora, Illinois, Emergency Management Coordinator
  89. Carla Juarez
    Florida Division of Emergency Management (FDEM), Private Sector and Academic Liaison
  90. Daniel Kaniewski, PhD
    Deputy Administrator for Resilience, FEMA
  91. LTC Chris Kelenske, MA
    Michigan State Police, Specialized Services Bureau
  92. Aaron Kenneston, CEM
    Washoe County, Emergency Management & Homeland Security, Emergency Manager
  93. C. Kaleinani Lau
    U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Health Resources and Services Administration, Public Health Analyst
  94. Jennifer Lazo, CEM
    City of Berkeley, Office of Emergency Services, Emergency Services Coordinator and IAEM-USA Emerging Technology Caucus, Vice Chair
  95. Denis Lemeshchenko
    Airbnb, Global Disaster Response and Relief Lead
  96. Terry Lightheart, CEM, MCEM
    IAEM-USA, Faith-Based Organizations Caucus, Chair
  97. Lanita Lloyd, MS, CEM
    The Salvation Army, Georgia Division , Director of Emergency Services and IAEM-USA Faith-Based Organizations Caucus, Vice Chair
  98. Diane Logsdon
    The Logsdon Group, President
  99. Rocky Lopes, Ph.D.
    IAEM-USA Awards & Recognition Committee, Chair
  100. Leslie Luke
    Los Angeles County Chief Executive Office, Deputy Director of the Office of Emergency Management and IAEM-USA Diversity Ad Hoc Committee, Chair
  101. Donald Lumpkins, Esq.
    Maryland Emergency Management Agency, Mission Support, Chief Financial Officer
  102. Jim Maczko
    NOAA National Weather Service, Grand Rapids, Michigan, Warning Coordination Meteorologist
  103. Mike Martinet, CEM, MS
    The Martinet Group, LLC, Principal and IAEM-USA Disaster Recovery & Finance Ad Hoc Committee, Chair
  104. David Martini, MA
    U. S. Department of Defense, Emergency Management, Program Manager
  105. Gerald “Jerry” McAteer, CEM
    IAEM-USA Federal Sector Emergency Managers Caucus, Chair
  106. Bill McCormick, MS
    ASDSO/Colorado Dam Safety, Colorado Division of Water Resources, Secretary, Board of Directors; Chief of Dam Safety
  107. Timothy McFall, CEM
    IAEM-USA Uniformed Services Caucus, Vice Chair
  108. Andrew McGuire, EMT-P
    IAEM-USA Region 1, President
  109. Steven Melton
    IAEM-USA Student Region, First Vice President
  110. Ali Meyer
    Mozaik Solutions, COO
  111. Patrick Meyers
    Greater New York Hospital Association (GNYHA), Legal, Regulatory & Professional Affairs, Sr. Project Manager, Emergency Management
  112. Pat Mialy, CEM
    IAEM-USA Region 8, President
  113. Heather Miller
    Michigan Emergency Management Association (MEMA), Second Vice President
  114. Sarah Miller, CEM
    IAEM-USA Emerging Technology Caucus, Chair
  115. Jonathon Monken, MBA
    PJM Interconnection, System Resiliency and Strategic Coordination, Senior Director
  116. John Montes
    National Fire Protection Association, Emergency Services Specialist
  117. Andrea Moore, CEM
    IAEM-USA Uniformed Services Caucus, Vice Chair
  118. Melissa Morgan, PhD
    University of Kentucky, College of Agriculture, Food and Environment, Faculty Professor
  119. Robin Murphy, Ph.D.
    Texas A&M University, Center for Robot-Assisted Search and Rescue, Professor
  120. Peter Navesky
    U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Emergency Operations Specialist
  121. Kevin Neary
    Emergency Management Institute, Adjunct Instructor
  122. Lee Newsome, CEM, MEP, CHS-V
    Emergency Response Educators and Consultants, Inc, CEO/Training and Exercise Manager
  123. Jacqueline Nguyen, MS, TLO
    IAEM-USA Access & Inclusion Caucus, Vice Chair
  124. David Novak, Ph.D., MS
    NOAA/NWS/NCEP, Weather Prediction Center, Director
  125. Jenny Novak, CEM, MA
    California Governor's Office of Emergency Services, Response, Emergency Services Coordinator
  126. Ronda Oberlin, CEM, CFM
    City of Lansing MI, Office of Emergency Management, Hazard Mitigation Coordinator
  127. Charles Palocy
    IAEM-USA Student Region, President
  128. Philip Parr
    LPP Consulting, Principal
  129. Joseph Paz
    The Walt Disney Company, Global Crisis Management, Senior Manager - Global Crisis Management Operations
  130. Damon Penn, MA, MS
    FEMA, Response Directorate, Assistant Administrator
  131. Peter Perez, CO-CEM
    City of Killeen, Texas, Emergency Management Coordinator
  132. Jamie Pianka
    Pro EMS, Chief Operating Officer
  133. Stacey Renker
    IAEM-USA Universities & Colleges Caucus (UCC), Vice Chair
  134. Jamie Richards
    DHS Office of Infrastructure Protection, Colorado District, Protection Security Advisor
  135. Dan Robeson, Jr., CEM
    IAEM-USA Region 7, President
  136. Jeff Robinson, CEM
    IAEM-USA Training & Education Committee, Vice Chair
  137. James Rogers
    Federal Emergency Management Agency, Office of Response and Recovery, Emergency Management Specialist
  138. Ed Rouse, M.S., M.P.A.
    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Division of Emergency Operations, Deputy Division Director
  139. Derek Rowan
    Ascenttra, Training and Exercise Specialists, President
  140. Jose Sanchez, PE, SES
    US Army Corps of Engineers, Research and Development, Deputy Director
  141. Pascal Schuback, CEM
    Cascadia Region Earthquake Workgroup, Executive Director & Emergency Manager
  142. Delores Scott, Esq.
    D. C. Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency, Executive Division, Chief, Disability Integration Bureau
  143. Michael Sevier
    Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service (TEEX), Cybersecurity Specialist
  144. Michael Sharon
    IAEM-USA Federal Sector Emergency Managers Caucus, Vice Chair
  145. Marty Shaub, CEM, UCEM
    IAEM-USA, First Vice President
  146. David Shear, MD
  147. Jon Shear, CEM
    ReadyZoneHQ, CEO
  148. Chanpreet (Simran) Singh
    IAEM Global Student Council, Vice-President
  149. John Sisario, CTP, MS
    Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service (TEEX), Senior Training Specialist
  150. Kevin Sligh, CEM, MBA
    U.S. Coast Guard, Office of Marine Environmental Response, Senior Oil Spill Technical Advisor and IAEM-USA Awards & Recognition Committee, Vice Chair
  151. Vince Slominski
    Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service (TEEX, Critical Infrastructure Program, Adjunct Instructor
  152. Edward "Ed" Smith, J.D., CEM
    Ed Smith Consulting, Emergency Management Trainer and Consultant
  153. Teri Smith, CEM, CPM
    IAEM, 2nd Vice President
  154. Gregory Solecki, CEM, CBCP, MCML
    IAEM-Canada Council President
  155. Eric Sorchik, MA, MEP
    Emergency Management Institute (EMI), Adjunct Instructor
  156. Christopher Strager
    DOC/NOAA/National Weather Service, NWS Headquarters, Director (Interim), Program Management Office
  157. Peter Sturner, MPA
    IAEM-USA Access & Inclusion Caucus, Chair
  158. Joe Sullivan
    National Weather Service, Louisville, KY, Warning Coordination Meteorologist
  159. Kevin Taylor
    Montecito Fire Department, Operations Division Chief
  160. Tony Thompson, MS
    Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service (TEEX), Law Enforcement & Security Training Division, instructor
  161. Jennifer Tobin
    Natural Hazards Center, University of Colorado Boulder, Deputy Administrator
  162. Sarah Tuneberg, MPH
    Geospiza, CEO, CEO, Co-Founder
  163. Louis Uccellini, Ph.D.
    National Weather Service, Director
  164. Wendy Walsh, MPA, MEP
    FEMA/NTED, National Training & Education System, Higher Education Program Manager
  165. Cecilia Warren, MBA, MS
    Maryland Department of Disabilities, Emergency Preparedness and Response, Director, Emergency Preparedness Policy
  166. Brandon Weathers
    Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service (TEEX), Agency Instructor
  167. Mary Weidel, PE, CFM
    U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Water Resources with the Dam and Levee Safety Programs
  168. Stacy Willett, Ed.D.
    The University of Akron, Dept. of Disaster Science and Emergency Services, Professor of Emergency Management
  169. Chauncia Willis, MPA, MEP, CEM
    IAEM-USA Region 4, President
  170. Lauren Wisniewski, MPH
    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Office of Water, Water Security Division, Environmental Engineer
  171. Wade Witmer
    FEMA, IPAWS, Deputy Director
  172. Tom Yerke
  173. Eleonore (Nora) Yotsov, CEM
    Clackamas County, Disaster Management, Strategic Program Coordinator
  174. Jim Zoss
    Michigan Emergency Management Association (MEMA), First Vice President