Aimee Binning

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Aimee Binning, has been involved in Emergency Response for over 24 years and currently serves as the Albany County Emergency Management Coordinator in Laramie Wyoming. Binning has promulgated the "whole community" approach to local emergency management, emphasizing and improving collaboration between local governments, public and private partners and the citizens of Albany County. As the Emergency Management Coordinator, Binning has fostered programs that promote community resiliency and strengthen the collaboration of planning, training and exercises for emergency responders. In addition to her duties as Albany County Emergency Management Coordinator, Aimee serves on several boards and commissions to include the Albany County LEPC, the Wyoming SERC, FEMA Regional Advisory Commission, and DHS SLTT GCC. Binning credits her preparation for emergency management from her experience as a mother to her six children and assisting her husband with the operations of his construction company.