Kevin Neary

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Kevin Neary has over 40 years of experience in emergency management, homeland security and public safety at the state, local, and federal level and also with the private sector. He also worked with the New York State Emergency Management Office (SEMO), where he served as the Chief of Operations and was responsible for directing the five (5) Regional Offices as well as managing the State Emergency Operations Center.

Previous to this, Mr. Neary served as Chief of the Training and Exercise Division where his responsibilities included all Emergency Management Training and Exercises, SARA Title III and the Hazardous Materials Planning and Training Grant Programs. During his career at SEMO Mr. Neary has designed, conducted and facilitated numerous full-scale, functional and table-top all-hazards exercises for Nuclear Power Plants, Schools, Hospitals, Incidents of National Significance, State and local governments. These exercises covered such topics as hurricanes and other severe weather events, hazardous materials, terrorism, natural disasters such as floods, fires, snowstorms, and transportation incidents.

Mr. Neary has planned and organized several events to include Woodstock II III, the National Republican Convention, NCAA Regional Final in Syracuse, NY. A veteran of numerous emergencies and disasters, Mr. Neary has responded to numerous State and Presidential Disaster Declarations. His emergency assignments have included serving as operations officer and liaison for disaster declarations as; Hurricane Sandy, Hurricane Irene, Lee and Gloria, Avianca Flight 52, Wild land Fires, Floods, Ice Storms TWA 800, and NYC - West Nile Virus, 1993 World Trade Center Bombing, September 11, 2001 World Trade Center Attacks, American Airlines Flight 587 and numerous other emergencies and disasters. During Hurricane Sandy, Mr. Neary was asked to work with New York Citys Emergency Management Office where he was responsible for managing their EOC.

Mr. Neary owns and operates his own private consultant company specializing in planning, training and exercising for Homeland Security, Public Safety and Emergency Management programs. Mr. Neary also serves as an adjunct instructor with the National Emergency Training Centers Emergency Management Institutes where hes a part of an instructional team for the Planning for Special Events Course, Integrated Emergency Management Course, Basic Academy, Advanced Leadership Academy, Disaster Recovery, School Emergency Planning, and a nationally recognized NIMS/ICS instructor. Mr. Neary has served as a consultant and speaker for numerous federal, state, and private agencies that include the Federal Emergency Management Agency, National Emergency Training Center (EMI), U.S. Department of Transportation, NYC Contingency Planning Exchange, and the National Governors Association.

Mr. Neary is extremely active in his community, where he is serving in his 11thterm as Mayor of the Village of Richmondville in Schoharie County. He also serves as the 1stDeputy Director for the Schoharie County Office of Emergency Services and is an active member of the Richmondville Volunteer Fire Department.