Tony Thompson, MS

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Mr. Tony Thompson retired from the Texas Department of Public Safety / Education, Training and Research Division in February 2017 after 21 years of service. Mr. Thompsons last assignment was serving as a lead instructor for the Texas Department of Public Safetys Staff Command College and oversight of the Departments Leadership and Professional Development Unit, Basic Recruit School Training and the Tactical Training Unit team. As a master peace officer and Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) instructor, Mr. Thompson served as lead instructor for the Departments DWI Detection and Standardized Field Sobriety Testing (SFST) - training program and the Drug Evaluation and Classification Program (DECP). As a Highway Patrol Lieutenant, Mr. Thompson served as the Sub-District Disaster Chair for a ten county area and was responsible for the District Civil Disturbance Management Team, District Crash Reconstruction Team and the day-to-day oversight and coordination of general police traffic supervision, traffic crash investigations, and criminal law enforcement on the rural highways of Texas.In September 2011, Mr. Thompson was the Bastrop County Area Sergeant and was instrumental in the coordination, evacuation and recovery efforts relating to the most destructive wildfire in Texas history. The Bastrop County Complex Fire resulted in the loss of 1,673 homes, 2 fatalities and inflicting more than an estimated $325 million dollars of insured property damage. Because of the successful efforts of Mr. Thompson and his team, they were recipients of the Texas Department of Public Safetys Unit Citation Award, The 100 Club of Central Texas 2011 Team Award, and an official letter of commendation from the Southern Area Incident Management Team.Throughout Mr. Thompsons law enforcement career, he has served in various emergency management roles and responded to a multitude of incidents ranging from National Special Security Events, wildfires, hurricanes, tornados, train derailments, chemical explosions, and multiple floods.Mr. Thompson began his career with TEEX as an Adjunct Instructor in 1999, where he taught for both the National Emergency Response and Rescue Training Center and the Law Enforcement Security Training Division.Mr. Thompson currently lives in Bastrop, TX, with his wife Heather and youngest daughter Kaitlyn.