Jim Byrne

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Lt. Byrne has been with the Fort Collins Police Services for 17 years. Prior to Fort Collins, he served 8 years with the Glendale, Arizona Police Department. Lt Byrne oversees Emergency Preparedness and Special Events for the Fort Collins Police Services. This includes reviewing all special event plans and permits. He also coordinates all special event operational plans in the city and is the on-site manager for most of them. Lt Byrne oversees City Police and Traffic Operations related to Colorado State University Football Game Day, dignitary visits, races, festivals and other significant events.

Seven years ago, he was assigned Special Events as the junior lieutenant. He quickly learned that he would have to depend on partnerships, with other public safety agencies as well as event promotors, due to his very limited experience in that world. Those relationships have built a culture of shared ownership and cooperation when it comes to safety and security.