Charles "Chuck" Casto, Ph.D.

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Dr. Casto is a nuclear safety and regulatory professional with over 44 years of experience consisting of positions of increasing responsibility including executive, regulatory, technical, and operational areas of responsibility within the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the commercial nuclear power industry, and U.S. Air Force. He was a member of the U.S. Federal Governments Senior Executive Service at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and worked for the NRC 28 years, where he last held the position of Regional Administrator, U.S. NRC Region III. Dr. Castos NRC included a position as Deputy Regional Administrator for Construction Excellence in the U.S. NRC Region II (Atlanta) office and in the U.S. NRC Region IV (Arlington, TX) office. Dr. Casto is a former utility non-licensed operator, licensed operator, Senior Reactor Operator Instructor, and U.S. NRC reactor operator examiner. Dr. Casto received both the Presidential Meritorious Service Award (Bush), and the Presidential Distinguished Service Award (Obama).

Dr. Castos experience ranges from a reactor control room operator and instructor to a Presidential Distinguished Senior Executive in the NRC. He worked with many licensees on operability evaluations, compliance, notices of enforcement discretion, confirmation of action letters and responses to violations.

His early career included construction activities at Sequoyah and a licensed reactor operator at Browns Ferry. Dr. Casto worked at three commercial nuclear plants as a non-licensed, licensed, operator and as a certified SRO instructor. His experience includes working in nuclear plant construction, startup, and operations.

International Experience - Dr. Castos international experience includes conducting benchmarking against comparable organizations and relevant international standards, including IAEA standards, to identify best practices that could be adopted, considering past assessments including international peer reviews and internal audit reports.

Dr. Casto led the integrated United States Government and NRC effort in Japan during the Fukushima nuclear accident for 11 months working directly with Ambassador Roos. He represented the United States Government to the Prime Ministers Cabinet. Dr. Casto received both Presidential Distinguished Award (2012) from President Obama and the Meritorious Rank Award (2009) from President Bush. He served on a Congressional Fellowship as a Legislative Assistant to a U.S. Senator where he succeeded in developing energy policy issues for the Senator. He also served on rotations as a Technical Assistant to the Executive Director for Operations of the NRC, as the Reactor Programs Assistant to an NRC Chairman resolving many policy issues.

Dr. Casto was a member of the International Atomic Energy (IAEA) review team that assessed the performance of the Slovenian Nuclear Regulatory Agency. Also, he participated in teams for the Nuclear Energy Agency and OECD in Japan. He conducted a regulatory review for the response to an IAEA OSART (Operational Safety Assessment Review Team) mission for Brunswick nuclear plant. In 2003, Dr. Casto was asked by the IAEA to participate in an Expert Mission to Hungary where 32 spent fuel assemblies were accidently destroyed at the PAKS plant. Among other international assignments, in Slovenia and Hungry, he participated in an Organizational for Economic Development and Cooperation mission in Japan to help reestablish their regulatory body after the Fukushima accident and helped to establish criteria to restart shutdown nuclear plants in Japan.

Dr. Casto also works with the United Arab Emirates, Federal Agency Nuclear Regulation, to provide and integrated inspection report (Licensee Performance Assessment) for the construction work at Barakah four-unit nuclear power plant.

Membership on Nuclear Safety Review Boards

As a Chairman or member, Dr. Casto serves on 16 Nuclear Safety Review Boards in the US and one Nuclear Safety Review Board in Japan and one major nuclear Vendor. He Chairs seven of those Boards, and serves on many as the Subcommittee Chair for Regulatory Oversight. Further, Dr. Casto serves as a member of a Regulatory Assessment Steering Committee for the two biggest nuclear fleets in the US. In this role, he provides strategic advice to the industry regarding the functioning and direction of the regulatory body. In Japan, he provides advice to the nuclear industry on their responses to the concerns of the regulatory body.

In the role of Chair, Regulatory Oversight, Dr. Casto reviews the existing organizational structure, allocation of resources, management system, staffing, coordination, and relationship with the regulator and technical support organizations. He compares the regulatory performance for the reactor sites against comparable reactor sites and fleets along with the relevant regulatory standards to identify best practices. Dr. Casto has conducted and assessed many root causes associated with non-compliance of regulatory standards and challenge those root causes to identify strengths and weaknesses along with improving regulatory performance.