Denis Lemeshchenko

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Denis Lemeshchenko is a Global Disaster Response and Relief lead at Airbnb with primary focus on the Americas. He has been a part of Airbnb's Global Disaster Response and Relief program since May of 2016, focusing on monitoring, coordination, response and partnership support in disaster and peacetime. In Florida, Denis supported and led operations in response to the Orlando night club shooting, Hurricane Matthew, Ft. Lauderdale airport shooting, Hurricanes Irma and Maria, as well as Parkland shooting.

Denis' start in disaster response was during the 2015 Nepal earthquakes when he volunteered as a logistician for Nepali non-profit organizations in partnership with UC Davis Medical School and UN logistics cluster. Prior to that, Denis' focus has been on customer service operations and communications.

Denis holds a BS in Management Information Systems and a BS in Marketing, while most recently obtaining a UN OCHA Certificate in Preparedness and Response Effectiveness in Civil-Military Coordination.