David Novak, Ph.D., MS

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Dr. David Novak is Director of the NCEP/NWS Weather Prediction Center in College Park, Maryland. Dr. Novak is responsible for the provision of national forecasts of heavy rainfall, snowfall, and hazardous weather 7 days in advance. The Center is a catalyst for collaboration among National Weather Service forecast offices and enables national readiness for extreme weather events. Dr. Novak has a Ph.D. in Atmospheric Science from SUNY Stony Brook, M.S. in Atmospheric Science from SUNY Albany, and B.S. in Meteorology and International Relations minor from St. Cloud State University. Throughout his career, Dr. Novak has been involved in collaborative research, bringing operational needs to the attention of the research community and integrating promising research into operations. He has chaired the American Meteorological Society Board for Operational Government Meteorologists and is the recipient of the Saint Cloud State University Graduate of the Last Decade Award (2008), AMS Editor’s Award (2010), and NOAA Bronze Medal (2012). In 2017, Dr. Novak led the National Weather Service strategic effort to Evolve operations to enable enhanced partner support.