Jamie Richards

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Ms. Richards has been serving as a U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Protective Security Advisor (PSA) for the Colorado District since June 2016.  As a PSA, she both supports Colorado’s critical infrastructure protection programs, and facilitates delivery of DHS services to local critical infrastructure assets and State and local agency partners.  Prior to relocating to serve the Colorado District, Jamie was a Supervisory Protective Security Advisor with the Office of Infrastructure Protection (IP) headquarters.  During this tenure, she oversaw the operations of DHS’ 102 Protective Security Advisors across the Nation, managing a wide range of programs involving assessments, outreach, incident response, special event support, and training initiatives.  Among these, she designed and oversaw the Regional Resiliency Assessment Program (RRAP) since its inception.  She also contributed to the development of the Presidential Policy Directive (PPD) 8-directed National Mitigation Framework and the design and implementation of security assessment tools and products.

Prior to joining Federal service, Jamie worked in several DHS components as a contractor since the department was established in 2003.  She was an Exercise Specialist and Crisis Action Team member in the National Operations Center, where she represented DHS on the Exercise and Evaluation Interagency Planning Committee.  She has also planned, conducted, and facilitated countless National, State, and local exercises. 

Earlier careers included planning and executing large-scale conventions in top tier U.S. cities.  Jamie has earned two degrees from The George Washington University’s School of Business.  She has two daughters and enjoys hiking, Italian cooking, and traveling.