Jamie Pianka

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Jamie is the Chief Operating Officer for Pro EMS in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Pro EMS has been recognized regionally and nationally for their innovation, clinical sophistication and unique formula for its integration of operations, technology and quality improvement. Pro EMS is most proud of the community partnerships that have developed to include many public health, public safety and healthcare organizations to improve patient outcomes.

Jamie's background and experience were established primarily in government where his professional experience includes municipal, state and federal work intersecting the disciplines of Emergency Management, Fire & Rescue and Emergency Medical Services. He has served as an Emergency Management Director, career firefighter, and paramedic. Additionally, Jamie has been providing healthcare quality improvement consultancy domestically and internationally.

Jamie served as the State Director of The Office of Emergency Medical Services (OEMS) for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts where he provided leadership at the Bureau of Health Care Safety & Quality working to more fully integrate EMS into the evolving healthcare system and facilitate the state's migration toward full adoption of many national standards. Jamie participated as a technical committee member in the development of the Active Shooter Hostile Event Response Program (ASHERP) NFPA 3000 as a representative of the American Ambulance Association. Jamie holds a BSBA from Northeastern University and has lived and worked for extended periods outside of the US.