Laser Science Symposium on Undergraduate Research I

Date & Time

Oct 17th at 1:30 PM until 3:30 PM


Special Symposia 


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This special DLS annual symposium is rapidly becoming one of the most successful DLS traditions (this year's is the 11th of a series that began at the Long Beach meeting in 2001). During the past several years the number of undergraduates presenting papers has grown from only 10 to more than 40, and the talks have been of outstanding quality, some absolutely stellar. Last year's posters were outstanding as well, and generated a great deal of lively interest and on-the-spot discussion. This year's symposium will consist of afternoon poster and oral sessions. The event provides an opportunity for some of the student members of our community, who are already among the finest young scientists to be found anywhere, to present their work before an audience of their peers as well as the larger optics community. All are invited and encouraged to attend the sessions. Organizer: Harold Metcalf, Stony Brook Univ., USA