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ConSoul is a New York-based fusion band specializing in arrangements of music from classic and contemporary video games. The goal is to make the music danceable ‐ from salsa and swing to rock, pop, disco etc. The current playlist includes many titles including Super Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, Undertale, Street fighter, Sonic, Tetris, Banjo‐Tooie, The Banner Saga, Civilization series, and many other games, and we are constantly expanding the playbook to include new themes. ConSoul has collaborated with other original composers to further the creative spirit and persona of the band.

Our crew includes Grammy award winning/participating musicians, and other world renowned musicians.

Including Mitch Friedman (GRAMMY winner), Felipe Fournier (Latin Grammy Nominee) Danny Flam (Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, GRAMMY Winning Participant with Kanye West) and other notables.

In 2015 the late trumpet player legend Mike McGovern (Buddy Rich, a fifth of beethoven) and saxophone Ron Bertolet joined to record first releases.