1. A Blueprint for Success: Leveraging Pre-College Partnership Programs for Underrepresented Students
    Friday 3:00 Ruben Britt Jr. Alicia Monroe
  2. A Confluence of Diasporic, Immigrant Writers: Reclaiming and Regaining Our Agency and Voice
    Friday 1:30pm Amelia Montes Hope Wabuke Linda Garcia Merchant Safia Elhillo
  3. Addressing White Supremacy in Michigan's Upper Peninsula: Race, Rurality, and Higher Education
    Friday 1:30pm Lesley Larkin Lisa Eckert Amy Reddinger
  4. "A Face to IT" - Survivors of Color
    Saturday 3:00pm; Donja G. Eubanks
  5. An Appeal for New Contracts: Disrupting the Racial Oppressions within the Education System
    Friday 1:30pm; Lucie Kroschel, Lynette Parker, Jenoge Khatter
  6. Anti-Racist Pedagogy Across the Curriculum Community of Practice: A Space for Personal and Institutional Change
    Friday 3:00 Kyoko Kishimoto Melissa Prescott
  7. Art as Public Pedagogy and Puget Sound and Beyond
    Friday 1:30pm Asia Tail Priscilla Dobler
  8. Artist Gallery Talk by Carletta Carrington-Wilson [Part 2]
    Saturday 3:00pm Carletta Carrington-Wilson
  9. Artist Gallery Talk [Part 1]
    Friday 1:30pm Victor Cartagena
  10. Artist Gallery Talk [Part 1]
    Saturday 1:30 Carletta Carrington-Wilson
  11. Artist Gallery Talk, part 2
    Friday 3:00 Victor Cartagena
  12. Athletics, Justice & Race
    Friday 1:30pm Amy Hackett Serwaah Fordjour Mara Henderson Jeremiah Hobbs Edward Horne Mele Hunter Rashad Norris Todd Blakely
  13. Black Feminisms, Black Power, and Hip-Hop: Interrogating the Foundations of Woke Work
    Saturday 1:30 Alexander Pratt Altheria Caldera Teresa Gilliams
  14. Black Studies 50 Years in the Naming: What is the State, Role, and View of the Discipline
    Saturday 1:30 LaToya Brackett Dominick Quinney
  15. Blending Culture and Professionalism
    Friday 3:00 Amy McFarland
  16. Breaching the Terms of the School-to-Prison Pipeline
    Friday 1:30pm Susan Krumholz Tammi Arford Viviane Saleh-Hanna Omari Amili
  17. Breaking the Cycle of Suppression: Empowering the Voices of African American and Latino Parents
    Saturday 1:30 Julieta Altamirando-Crosby Jorge Preciado Carole Collins Ayanlaja Alison Taysum
  18. Catalyzing Change: Anti-Racism Efforts at a Public Art College
    Saturday 3:00pm Beth Balliro Maureen Keefe Camila Insaurralde Lyssa Palu-ay
  19. Changing the Narrative: Healing from Internalized Racism
    Friday 1:30pm Anita Garcia Morales Bernardo Ruiz
  20. "Check Yo' Stuff": What to Bring and What to Leave
    Saturday 1:30; Karla D. Scott, Renee Houston
  21. Children of Incarcerated Parents Portrayed in Children’s and Young Adult Literature: A Reader’s Theater
    Friday 3:00 Janet Finke Sharryn Walker Brita Williams Kim Bartel Teri Walker Ginny Blackson
  22. College Bound: Leveraging State Programs at the District Level to Increase Opportunity Equitably
    Saturday 3:00pm Debbi Carlman Sarah Weiss Chad Honig
  23. Coloring the Museum: Art, Exhibitions, and Equity
    Friday 3:00 Rock Hushka Paul Stephen Benjamin Rahul Gupta
  24. Communal Traumas, Historical Displacement and the Making of Healing Pathways
    Friday 1:30pm Elysa Gray Saito Maharaj Desai Vanna Sing
  25. Community Voice and Engagement
    Saturday 1:30; Justina Johnson, Patrick Johnson, Kimi Irene Ginn, Jonathan Johnson, Elvin Bucu, Sara Irish, Jeremiah Allen, Ashlee Day, Chalu Harris Adams, Sheree Cooks, Megan Clark
  26. Contested Sites: Land Rights, Environmental Justice, and the Struggle Against the Imperialist Hand
    Friday 3:00 Heather Bruce Isa Arriola
  27. Creating the Space for Belonging: Liberating Student Identities and Teacher Pedagogies in STEM
    Friday 3:00; Roger Blanco, Victoria Livinski, Shehla Arif, Nahide Gungordu, Jennifer L. Martin
  28. Critical Preparation for Teachers of Color and Teachers in Urban Settings, and the Work of Re-imagining Educational Equity
    Friday 3:00: Jeremy Delamarter, Molly Siuty, Concie Pedroza
  29. Cultivating Critical Readiness for Transformation Using Activist Assessment and Evaluation
    Saturday 3:00pm Hazel Symonette
  30. Debriefing and Action Planning
    Saturday 1:30 Robin DiAngelo
  31. Deconstructing Racism, White Ignorance, and Assimilation: Envisioning the Architecture of Equity in Higher Education [Part 1]
    Friday 1:30pm; Michael Benitez Jr., Carl E James, Annette Henry, Christopher West; Emma Coddington
  32. Deconstructing Racism, White Ignorance, and Assimilation: Envisioning the Architecture of Equity in Higher Education [Part 2]
    Friday 3:00; Michael Benitez, Jr., Carl E. James, Annette Henry, Christopher West; Emma Coddington
  33. Demonstration Discussion: Teaching Your Students of Color Book Clubs
    Friday 3:00 Patrick Johnson Gretchen Vanmiller Sheree Cooks Jennifer Miller Teresa Garcia
  34. Disrupting Narratives of Death: We Must Say Their Names
    Saturday 1:30; Roselle Flory, Sarah Lee, Juli McGruder
  35. Disrupting the School to Prison Pipeline: Jason Lee Middle School and UW Tacoma Unlearning Racism
    Saturday 1:30; Tanya Velasquez, Anne Hawkins, Isyss Diamond, Saafir Gutoski, Isha Hussein, Lilla Reilly
  36. Disrupting White Supremacy Culture by Recognizing and Challenging "Fear of Open Conflict" in Well-Meaning White Liberal Spaces
    Friday 1:30pm Frances Partridge Aisha Hauswer
  37. Disrupting Your Miseducation: Decolonizing Narrations of Medicine Creek, Bear's Ears, and the Dakota Access Pipeline
    Saturday 1:30 Danica Miller Rea Maci Neha Malik Frances Holmes
  38. Embodiment and Critical Pedagogy [Part 1]: Experiencing a simulation, Red clay 1835
    Friday 1:30pm Alisa Kessel Laura Adams Weaver Jae Basilieri Terry Beck
  39. Embodiment and Critical Pedagogy [Part 2]
    Friday 3:00 Alisa Kessel Laura Adams Weaver Jae Basilieri Terry Beck
  40. Empowerment Pedagogies Sufficient to Meet Our Current Social Traumas
    Saturday 3:00pm Mona Johnson Kyra Shahid Lynette Parker
  41. Engaging Pedagogy: Moving Towards More Dynamic, Equitable, and Inclusive Classroom Practices in an Art College
    Friday 1:30pm Alyssa Palu-ay Jeantette Eberhardy Judith Leemann Marika Preziuso
  42. Ethics of Care Talking Circle: Expectations of Care and Time in Our Work
    Saturday 3:00pm Julia Ismael Althea Lazzaro
  43. Exploring the Mechanisms of White Political Defensiveness and Agency
    Saturday 3:00pm Erin Freeman Addison Finney Sara Eccelston
  44. Exposing Stratification and Privilege using Monopoly and Barnga
    Friday 3:00 Jacquelyn Doyon-Martin Tonisha Jones David Goldstein
  45. Fighting Monolingualism, Assimilation, and Domination: Experiences of Latinx Students and Students Learning about African American Language
    Friday 3:00 Cesar Rangel Kevin Donley Quentin Sedlacek
  46. Food Justice for Whom? Shaping the Agenda for Food Activism in the Puyallup Watershed
    Saturday 1:30 Emelie Peine Sandra Iverson Evan Martynovych
  47. Games as Pedagogy: Resisting Persistent Miseducation
    Saturday 3:00pm Kyle Chong Kathleen Hanggi Owen Lynch
  48. Healing Racism and Restoring Humanity with Talking Circles: Changing How We Talk About Race
    CANCELLED Pamela Taylor
  49. Hostility, Trauma, and Critical Race Theory: Nourishing Resistant Voices in Colonial Spaces
    Saturday 1:30 Kendrick Wilson Trayvon-Conrad Webster Beleqsa Tamaami Christopher Knaus
  50. How Do You Ensure Accountability Around Access and Equity in Arts and Arts Education Programs?
    Saturday 3:00pm Tony Gomez Lisa Jarrett
  51. How We Got Here: A Reckoning with Systemic Racism in the US and Tacoma
    Saturday 3:00pm Lucas Smiraldo Diane Powers Andreta Armstrong
  52. "I Am Not Your Problem": The Moral Imperative to Interrupt and Deconstruct the Narrative of Black Folk.
    Friday 3:00 Pam Duncan
  53. “I am Psyched!” Exhibit on Contributions to Psychology by Women of Color: Reclaiming Identity for Students and other Audiences
    Friday 3:00; Jon Grahe, Heidi McLaughlin, Britney Benion, Lidya Besrat, Anamaries Garcia Marrerro
  54. “I blocked my uncle, he voted for Trump!”: Instead, using psychological principles to promote Justice
    Friday 3:00 Samantha Scott
  55. Imaging Liberation: Complicating Frameworks of Power & Empowerment
    Friday 3:00 Elise Richman Lateasha Meyers
  56. Imagining Our Work Differently: Teaching Race in the Classroom
    Friday 3:00; Elizabeth Williamson, Marissa Greenberg, Dominick Quinney
  57. Institutional Desegregation Narratives
    Friday 1:30pm Alyssa Urish Cindy Jones Joel-Lehi Organista
  58. Interrogating Market Behavior: Economic Structures and the Repositioning of Minoritized Agency
    Saturday 3:00pm Madhavi Venkatesan Heena Khan
  59. Interrogating the Humanities
    Friday 1:30pm Kriszta Kotsis Katherine Smith Matt Johnston Ann Delehanty Joel Martinez Alison Tracy Hale Brett Rogers
  60. Liberation through Counter Narration: Critical Uses of Music and Community History
    Saturday 1:30; Nicole Blair, Amie Thurber
  61. Lift Every Voice: Opportunities and Challenges in Teaching and Performing African-American Choral Music
    Friday 1:30pm Stephen Zopfi Gwynne Kuhner Brown Phyllis Birdwell Tony Leach
  62. "Love and Solidarity": Historical Education for Today’s Liberation
    Friday 3:00 Michael Honey Lyle Quasim
  63. Making It on the Outside: Incarceration, Reentry, and Network Poverty
    Friday 1:30pm Rosemary Powers Teresa Power-Drutis
  64. "Migrations, Forced and Chosen": A Conversation with the Artists
    Saturday 1:30; Tony Gomez
  65. "Mississippi Goddam": Enriching Narratives of Movement Activism and (Re)writing Narratives of Resistance
    Friday 1:30pm Maegan Parker Brooks Joseph Davenport Pablo Correa Stephanie Rolph
  66. Narratives of Agency: Broadening Discourse and Reading Between the Lines
    Friday 3:00 Midori Takagi Kevin Delucio Ceci Lopez Julie Helling
  67. Native American History, Academics, and Culture
    Friday 1:30pm Binah McCloud Carl Lorton
  68. Naturally Crowned - Celebrate Who You Are Ethnically, Culturally, Naturally
    Friday 3:00 Janelle Gordon Alicia Cobb
  69. New Oppression Rhetorics and the Rebranding of White Supremacy: Critical Interventions
    Saturday 3:00pm Yea-Wen Chen Angela Basinger Andrew Boge
  70. On Faith and the Criminalization of the Black Trans Body
    Saturday 1:30 J Mase III Dane Figueroa Edidi
  71. On Seeking Justice, Empowerment, and Bias Response in a Post-Obama World
    Saturday 1:30 Donnalyn Pompper Anthony Whitten Dean Mundy
  72. Paradigm Shift: Changing Outcomes for English Language Learners in Washington State
    Friday 1:30pm Dean Allsopp Leisl Santkuyl Sara Irish
  73. Pedagogies Beyond the Classroom: Community Engagement, Transformative Theater, and Retracing the Civil Rights Movement
    Friday 1:30pm Sandra Nichols Laura Taylor James SoRelle
  74. Perceived Barriers of White Faculty Who Incorporate an Antiracist Pedagogical Framework within the College Classroom
    Friday 3:00 Jennifer Akamine Phillips Nate Risdon
  75. Place-Based and Race-Based: Navigating Positionality and Pedagogy in Relationship to Racialized Conceptualizations of Practice
    Saturday 1:30 Amy Sojot Maharaj Desai Melissa Canlas
  76. Problematizing Research Contracts: Positioning Social Justice in Concepts, Methods, and Recommendations
    Saturday 3:00pm Miriam S. Karamoko Samantha Scott Lindsay Thomas
  77. Protest Narratives: What Strategies Work Today?
    Saturday 1:30 Alec Dennis Amber Skogen Dwaine Plaza
  78. Public Art and Expression on Our Campuses: Context, Content, and Controversy
    Friday 1:30pm Sarah Barbara Watstein Rock Huska Angela Weaver Anida Yoeu Ali Jed Murr
  79. Questioning Neo-Liberal Diversity Structures in Higher Education
    Saturday 3:00pm Ruth Bernstein John Streamas Chartonay (Cece) Sumpter
  80. Race, Pedagogy, and Visual Culture of the Americas (Visual Culture Colloquium of the NW5C Consortium)
    Saturday 3:00pm Kriszta Kotsis Linda Williams Matthew Johnston Jairo Hoyos Galvas Joel Martinez Ann M. Nicgorski
  81. Race, Racism, and the Re-Emergence of White Nationalism: Racial Implications for Higher Education Practice
    Saturday 3:00pm Shanice Clarke Wafa Almaktari
  82. Racial Disparities in Life Course Health-Development: Radical Transformations in Public Health Education to Support Breastfeeding
    Friday 1:30pm Jennifer Pitonyak Delores Baccus Nicholas Kasovac
  83. Racial Justice Accomplices in Academia: The Responsibilities of White Professors in Higher Education
    Friday 3:00 Amy Foley
  84. Racism and Me: A Look at Unconscious Racial Bias
    Saturday 1:30; Breyan Haizlip
  85. Radical Academe: Breaking Open the Heart of Education Work to Empower 21st Century Learners
    Saturday 1:30 Kelly Niccolls Jeff Petty
  86. Redefining Labels of the In-Between: Discourse of Identity Development within DACA, Refugee, and Borderlands Communities
    Saturday 3:00pm Susana Flores Van Anh Tran Aleyda Marison Cervantes Gutierrez
  87. Reimagining Radical Liberal Arts Education and Transformation between the University and the Prison
    CANCELLED 1:30Tanya Erzen
  88. Re-Imagining Ways of Knowing: Using Digital Collections to Engage Students in Narratives of Race
    Saturday 1:30 Lori Ricigliano Jane Carlin
  89. Resistance Zines: Zine Pedagogy as Liberatory Educational Method
    Friday 1:30pm Regina Duthely Tiffany MacBain Katy Curtis
  90. Revisiting Baldwin's "Talk to Teachers": The Miseducation of White Folks in the Study of Race, Place, and Schooling
    Friday 1:30pm Ayanna Brown Theresa Robinson Janice Tuck-Lively
  91. Rewriting Approaches to the Health Sciences: Matters of Pedagogy and Practice
    Saturday 3:00pm Brien Bolin Kirsten Wilbur Jennifer Pitonyak
  92. Rising Together: Radically Re-Imagining Race, Racism, and American Law Through Indigenous, African-American, and Immigrant Narratives
    Friday 3:00 Monte Mills Eduardo R. C. Capulong Andrew King-Ries
  93. Rupturing Bias and Animus: Problematizing the Pedagogical Practices for Teacher Candidates
    Saturday 3:00pm Jennifer Martin Maharaj Desai Kimberly Corbin Adriane Sheffield
  94. Rupturing, Relating, and Reconciling (Under)Representation through Rhetorical Analysis of Narratives
    Saturday 3:00pm Tabitha Espina Velasco Sherwin Kawahakui Ranchez Sales Jessie Eulalia Padialla
  95. Singing Down the Barriers: Benefits and Challenges of Integrating the Canon of American Art Song
    Saturday 3:00pm Emery Stephens Caroline Helton Jacob Clark
  96. Something Other than Progress: Decolonial Methodologies and Prison Educational Justice
    Saturday 3:00pm Anna Plemons Aache' Howard-McDaniel Latasha Howard
    Friday 1:30pm Sara Freeman
  98. Surviving State Violence: The Shootings at Jackson State College, May 1970
    Saturday 1:30 Nancy Bristow Hilliard Lackey Linda Braddy James Staples
  99. Teaching the European Middle Ages: Eurocentrism or Alternative Models of History?
    Saturday 1:30 Greta Austin Katherine Smith Denis Despres
  100. The Anti-racist Teacher: From Bystander to Leader
    Friday 1:30pm Susana Flores Pamel Juniel Keith Reyes
  101. Theater of the Oppressed Part 1: Introduction
    Friday 1:30pm Marc Weinblatt
  102. Theater of the Oppressed, Part 2: Race and White Privilege
    Friday 3:00 Marc Weinblatt
  103. The Cost of the Archive: Artists, Historical Trauma and the Process of Research
    Friday 3:00 C. Rosalind Bell Chevi Chung Sara Freeman Carletta Carrington-Wilson
  104. The Critical Role of Public Art and the Archive: Connections and Contentions
    Saturday 1:30; Elisheba Johnson, Marcia Iwasaki, Tricia Diamond, Nick Flessa
  105. The Liberated Archive: Creating Inclusive Spaces for All Histories
    Friday 1:30pm Adriana Flores Caitlin Olye Coon Nancy Godoy Alana Varner
  106. The Persistence of White Supremacy and the Need for Professional Development for College Personnel
    Saturday 1:30 Xyanthe Neider Rachel Sanchez Mark Triana
  107. The "Power in Brokenness:" Evergreen Tacoma's Sankofa Pedagogy of Proximity, Rupture, Hope and Discomfort
    Friday 1:30pm Gilda Sheppard Leah Ford Natasha Lemke
  108. The Promised Land Fifty Years Since King
    Saturday 1:30 Michael Honey Lyle, Quasim
  109. The Revolution Will Be Internalized: The Yoga and Poetry Practice to Stimulate Mind and Muscle
    Saturday 1:30 Lucas Smiraldo Claudette Evans
  110. The Role of Churches in Current Racial Justice Movements
    Saturday 1:30 Leslie Schmidt Aisha Hausher Terri Stewart Paul Mitchell
  111. The Search for the Common Good and Bridging Cultural Divides: Can We Find the Terms?
    Saturday 3:00pm Sean Darling-Hammond Paul Parkison Maria Dixon Hall
  112. The Sex Talk You Never Had and the Disparities It Created
    Friday 3:00 Lance Rivera-Toledo
  113. The Tacoma Refugee Choir: Building a Welcoming Community through Song
    Saturday 3:00pm Erin Guinup
  114. This Ain't for All Students: In and Against Historically White Colleges and Universities
    Saturday 1:30 Caleb Dawson Giselle Cunanan Melina Benjamin Patricia Mallari Alvaro
  115. Toward Authentic Modes of Liberating Radical Practices/Outcomes
    Friday 3:00 Paul Parkison Fredrick Douglass Alcorn
  116. Towards Inclusive STEM
    Saturday 3:00pm Rachel DeMotts Arturo Lucatero Danjuma Quarless David Scott
  117. Trauma Marks: A Radical Examination of How Racism Causes Multi-generational Ill Health
    Friday 3:00 Melvin Rouse Kirsten Wilbur Juli McGruder
  118. Unmasking the Racial and Gendered Structures in Curriculum and Teaching
    Saturday 3:00pm; Samantha A. Marshall, Grace Chen, Xylia Truver, Althea Tait
  119. Unsilencing Racial and Gendered Histories Through Critical Pedagogies: Rejecting the Practice of Hiding Shameful Narratives
    Saturday 1:30 Andrew Gomez Jarre Hamilton Makayla Epting
  120. Unveiling Identities: Liberating What Challenges and Silences Us in the Classroom
    Saturday 3:00pm; Douglas McKnight, Katheryne Leigh
  121. Using Context to Address Social Justice Issues in the Mathematics Classroom
    Friday 1:30pm John Kellermeier
  122. Welcome to Multicentriçism: Introductory Perceptual Exercises Through Consciousness in the Field of Quantum Perception & The Utility of Making Images for Radically Re-Imagining the Project of Justice
    Friday 3:00; Chiyuki Shannon
  123. Writing with Awareness: Using a Campus Writing Handbook to Disrupt Miseducation
    Saturday 3:00pm Julie Christoph Sarah Walling-Bell Hannah Katz