1. Bending the Arc Toward Justice: Eliminating Racism in Schools and the Criminal Justice System
    Saturday 10:30 AM; Hazel Symonette, Michael Benitez, Terry Bergeson, Alice Coil, Thelma Jackson, Judith W. Kay, Pamala Sacks-Lawlar, Sarah Moore
  2. Excavating Multi-Racialities: Digging Through Contemporary Dilemmas of Epistemic and Experiential Violence in Multiracial Identity Formations
    Saturday 10:30 AM; Michelle R. Montgomery, Christopher Knause, Chiyuki Shannon, Nakisha-Renee Jones, Michael Benitez, Jr.
  3. Faith and Social Justice: Rupture, Resilience, and Liberation Within Communities and Traditions
    Friday 10:30 AM; Rev. Dr. Eric Jackson, Dr. Turan Kayaoglu, Rabbi Bruce Kadden, Rev. Christy Fisher, Rev. Allison Cannady-Smith
  4. Homelessness, Youth, and Education: Race Matters
    Saturday 10:30 AM; Pamela Duncan, Samantha Iverson, Andreta Armstrong, LaMont Green, Raphael Hartman, Katara Jordan, Klarissa Monteros, Colleen Philbrook, Lyle Quasim, Carolyn Weisz
  5. Immigration, Advocacy, Activism, and the Northwest Detention Center
    Friday 10:30 AM; John Lear, Amanda Díaz, Robin Jacobson, Chris Stanislowski
  6. Interactive Performance and Community Dialogue on Race
    Friday 10:30 AM; Jack Aldisert, Chantel Dozier, Marc Weinblatt
  7. Reclaiming the Narrative: Beyond the Single Story
    Saturday 10:30 AM; Kanani Koster, Vivian Hua, Jamika Scott, Chimaera, Necashaw Montgomery
  8. Sites and Struggles of Welcoming
    Friday 10:30 AM; Priscilla Dobler, Asia Tail, David Long, Lisa Kinoshita, Neeka Cook
  9. The Calculus of Racism in America: Undoing Miseducation and Criminal Justice
    Friday 10:30 AM; Thelma Jackson, Michael Benitez, Teresa “Terry” Bergeson, Gilda L. Sheppard, Judith W. Kay
  10. The Implication of an Overwhelmingly White Teaching Force
    Saturday 10:30 AM; Robin DiAngelo
  11. THE PATHS WE HAVE TRAVELED: We are Puyallup Nation, the Welcoming and Generous People
    Friday 10:30 AM; David Bean, Archie Cantrell, Amber Hayward, Binah McCloud, Nancy Shippentower, Danica Sterud Miller, Nicole Barandon Sutton
  12. The Science of Implicit Bias
    Saturday 10:30 AM; Rachel DeMotts, Landon Reid, Alison Beason