1. Administrative Responses to Fraternity Discrimination at the University of Puget Sound
    FRIDAY - Rose Pyette, University of Puget Sound
  2. Afro-Latinxs in the United States: A Misrepresented Identity
    SATURDAY - Natalya Braxton, Charles Wright Academy
  3. “An Opportunity of Rebirth”: Disguising the Privatization of Public Education in New Orleans as a Response to Hurricane Katrina
    FRIDAY - Kayla Hipp, University of Puget Sound
  4. Chosen Family? A Racial Lens
    SATURDAY - Timmie Flock, Puyallup School District
  5. Cleaning the Superfund: Environmental Gentrification in the City of Tacoma
    FRIDAY - Erin Rasmussen, University of Puget Sound
  6. Diversifying Physical Therapy: Recruitment and Retention of Under-represented Minorities to Improve Patient Outcomes
    FRIDAY - Alex Knapp, University of Puget Sound, Physical Therapy Program
  7. Document Student Activism at the University of Puget Sound: Institutionalizing Critical Memories
    FRIDAY - Rachel Greiner, University of Hawaii
  8. "Hanging Out" and the de-romanticism of dissidence: China's undergraduate activist-scholars
    FRIDAY - Kyle L. Chong,
  9. High Performing Students in Low Performing Schools
    SATURDAY - Shatoya Brown, University of Alabama
  10. Latinx in the Liberal Arts: Private Colleges’ Approaches to Retention and Recruitment of Latino Males
    FRIDAY - Diego Lopes, Pacific University Oregon
  11. Please Don’t Take Offense: Seeing and Teaching Both Sides of the Argument
    SATURDAY - Holly Keehn
  12. Providing Framework for Effective Service Learning through Education on Freedom of Speech, Empowerment, and Justice
    SATURDAY - Keshreeyaji Oswal, University of Puget Sound
  13. Race and White Kids: Being an Antiracist Educator in Every Kind of Classroom
    SATURDAY - Delaney Hanon, Thomas Jefferson High School
  14. Radical Female Educators: Women, Race, and Education
    SATURDAY - Nicholette DeRosia, Home
  15. Resistant Behaviors: How Digitized Book Clubs Impact Black Boy’s Motivation to Read
    FRIDAY - Allison Ivey and Julie Begbie, University of Oregon
  16. Segmented Assimilation Concern Among Refugee Families
    FRIDAY - Tessa Samuels, University of Puget Sound
  17. The Dream of a Greater Country: Political and Aesthetic Complexities Concerning the Representation of Contemporary Political Territories
    FRIDAY - Sarawut Chutiwongpeti,
  18. The Environmental Injustice of Freeways in the United States and How Activists Are Resisting New Projects
    SATURDAY - Molly Wampler
  19. The Evolving Journey of Women of Color Mentorship
    SATURDAY - Kim McAloney, Oregon State University
  20. We Teach Who We Are
    SATURDAY - Rebecca Bathrick, Graduate of University of Puget Sound's M.A.T. Program