Hostility, Trauma, and Critical Race Theory: Nourishing Resistant Voices in Colonial Spaces


Wyatt 313

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Kenderick Wilson, Doctoral candidate, Educational Leadership

Trayvon-Conrad Webster

Beleqsa Tamaami

Christopher Knaus

In this participatory, voice-centered creative engagement, we center the notion of voicing who and how we are within and outside of colonial spaces, knowing the risks. We present a framework for voice that positions the purpose of education as the development of counter-spaces to then foster counter-stories and critical expressions that reflect the various positionalities, intersectional oppressions, and systemic barriers we face as individuals operating within collectives. After sharing personal narratives in artistically authentic manners, we guide participants in creative writing and expression exercises that center proclamations of lived identity and radical solidarity as resistant building blocks of love. We conclude through critical race theory-informed discussions designed to move beyond critical expressions and the immediate retributions from those who normalize whiteness within educational institutions, and to strengthen our radical imaginations to envision healthy futures that are not limited by trauma-filled reactions to contemporary oppressions.