How Do You Ensure Accountability Around Access and Equity in Arts and Arts Education Programs?


McIntyre 307

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“Blueprint for Cultural Arts Access and accountability"

On the ballot in November 2018 is an arts, culture, science and heritage funding proposal called Tacoma Creates. This panel is about how Tacoma is striving to ensure access and equity to and in the cultural sector that includes arts, heritage and science programs. In order to understand how we are moving forward, we must acknowledge the past exclusion of certain communities. Further, we will look at how to construct meaningful and authentic real world practices which disrupt historical exclusion to build pathways for access and equity. Hear from presenters about how they are addressing access to arts education programming in their work with K-12 students. They will share what helps them in this work - the people, organizations and resources - and how they are breaking barriers to access. You'll learn what they have done, what they have accomplished, where they have faltered, and have time to share ideas of how they could do more.