1. Jared Warner, MEM, RS
    Emergency Preparedness Consultant
  2. Robert Krupa, MS, MEP, AEM
    Planning Training, and Exercise Program Manager, Center for Disaster Medicine Massachusetts General Hospital
  3. Ajai Malhotra, MD
    Chief of the Division of Acute Care Surgery, University of Vermont Medical Center
  4. Ajay Tunguturi, MD
    Assistant Professor of Neurology, University of Vermont Medical Center
  5. Alexandra Nicole Thran, MD, FACEP
    Emergency Physician, Gifford Medical Center
  6. Alison Parmar, JD, MBE
    Senior Administrative Manager, Massachusetts General Hospital Center for Disaster Medicine
  7. Amy Eisenhauer, EMT
    Consultant and Educator, EMS Consulting Services
  8. Ann Marie Farina, AAS
    Executive Director, The Code Green Campaign
  9. Beth Winter
    Emergency Preparedness Manager, Rutland Regional Medical Center
  10. William Mapes, NRP, CCTP, I/C
    Chief Operating Officer, Brandon Area Rescue Squad
  11. Blake Porter, PharmD
    Emergency Medicine Pharmacist, University of Vermont Medical Center
  12. Bradley Tompkins, MS, MPH
    Tickborne and Foodborne Diseases Epidemiologist and Program Chief, Vermont Department of Health
  13. Chelsea Dubie, M.Ed., AEMT
    Public Health Programs Administrator, Vermont Department of Health
  14. Christina Hernon, MD
    Emergency Physician and Medical Toxicologist, Cambridge Health Alliance
  15. Christine Carmichael, PhD
    Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Vermont
  16. Con Olson, Paramedic
    Regional Executive Director, Tech's Inc.
  17. Dan Batsie
    EMS Chief, Vermont Department of Health
  18. Daniel Wolfson, MD, FACEP, ABEM/EMS
    Vermont EMS Medical Director, Vermont Department of Health
  19. Denise Alosa, MS
    Athletic Trainer, South Burlington School District
  20. Donna Hastings, PsyD
    Licensed Psychologist, Naticook Counseling Resources, PA
  21. Douglas Wildermuth, NREMT-P
    Paramedic Instructor, E5 Support Services, LLC Sergeant, New York State Police
  22. Drew Anderson, PhD, EMT
    Associate Professor of Psychology, University at Albany Lieutenant, Delmar-Bethlehem EMS
  23. Edith Klimoski
    Director, Give Way to Freedom
  24. Eike Blohm, MD
    Assistant Professor, University of Vermont Medical Center
  25. Elaina Noblet, MFT, MA
    Director of Care Coordination, The Brien Center
  26. Elizabeth Bundock, MD, PhD
    Deputy Chief Medical Examiner, Office of the Chief Medical Examiner
  27. Emily Reed, LICSW
    Emergency Department Social Worker, University of Vermont Medical Center
  28. Evelyn McFarlane
    Safety Plan Coordinator, Vermont Agency of Transportation
  29. Evie Marcolini, MD
    Physician, University of Vermont College of Medicine
  30. George Cook, MA
    Farm Safety Specialist, Professor Emeritus, UVM Extension
  31. Ginny Schwartzer
    CEO, All Clear Emergency Management Group
  32. Gino Trevisani, MD, FACS, FASCRS
    Associate Professor of Surgery Trauma/Acute Care, University of Vermont Medical Center
  33. Harry Chen, MD
    Executive Director Center for Health and Wellbeing and Public Health Officer University of Vermont
  34. Inge Luce, MSN/ED, RN, NRP
    Program Director, Associate Professor of Nursing, Vermont Technical College
  35. J. Sam Hurley, MPH, EMPS, NRP
    Emergency Medical Services Division Chief, District of Columbia Department of Health
  36. James Baraw, AEMT
    Program Coordinator, Vermont Governor's Office of Highway Safety
  37. James Suozzi, DO, NRP
    Associate Medical Director / EMS Medical Director, Cheshire Medical Center / Dartmouth Hitchcock
  38. Jason Haag, CCEMT-P, CIC
    Lieutenant, Finger Lakes Ambulance
  39. Jeff McDonald, BS, MEd, NRP
    Program Director, Tarrant County College
  40. Jennifer Noce
    Regional Clinical Education Manager, Air Methods
  41. Joanna Stevens
    Executive Assistant, University of Vermont Health Network, Central Vermont Medical Center, Woodridge Rehabilitation and Nursing
  42. Joanne McGovern, LTC (RET)
    Lecturer; Lecturer in Medical and Public Health Disaster Planning and Operations; Senior Progam Coordinator for the Paramedic Referrals for Increased Independence and Decreased Disability in the Elderly (PRIDE)
  43. Jonnathan Busko, MD
    Emergency Department Medical Director, St Joseph Hospital in Bangor, Maine, Firefighter/Physician, Veazie Fire Department, Medical Director
  44. Julie Benedict
    Exercise and Training Administrator, Vermont Department of Health
  45. Kari Hancock, MA
    Emergency Medical Services for Children Coordinator, Division of Emergency Preparedness, Response, and Injury Prevention, Vermont Department of Health
  46. Kathleen Hammond, MCE
    Public Health Specialist - Emergency Preparedness, State of Vermont
  47. Katie Dolbec, MD
    Emergency Physician, Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine, University of Vermont Medical Center
  48. Kelly McCarthy, BS, LNHA
    Corporate Director of Memory Care and Engagement , LCB Senior Living
  49. Kristin Chandler, JD
    Team Two Coordinator, Team Two Vermont
  50. Laura Ann Nicolai, MPH
    Deputy State Epidemiologist, Vermont Department of Health
  51. Laura Werner, MPH, MID
    Public Health Emergency Preparedness Coordinator, Vermont Department of Health
  52. Laurel Plante, MD
    District 3 Medical Advisor and ED Attending, University of Vermont Medical Center
  53. Lauren Ho, MPH
    CDC Preparedness Field Assignee, Vermont Department of Health
  54. Lauren Prinzing, MPH, CPH
    Environmental Health Epidemiologist, Vermont Department of Health
  55. Leighton Jones
    Senior Program Manager, Emergency Preparedness & Response Exercise Program, Division of Policy Translation & Leadership Development, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
  56. Lindsey Simpson, Paramedic
    EMS Training Administrator, Vermont EMS Office, Vermont Department of Health
  57. Margaret Tandoh, MD
    Acute Care and Burn Surgeon, University of Vermont Medical Center
  58. Mariah Whitcomb, MBA, NR-AEMT
    Deputy Chief, Thetford Volunteer Fire Department, Inc
  59. Matthew Weaver, PhD
    Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Harvard Work Hours Health and Safety Group, Division of Sleep Medicine • Harvard Medical School, Division of Sleep and Circadian Disorders • Brigham and Women’s Hospital
  60. Maureen McMahon
    Director, Emergency Management, Boston Medical Center
  61. Michael Dailey, MD, FACEP, FAEMS
    Chief of Prehospital and Operational Medicine, Albany Medical College
  62. Michael Zelenetz, BA, MA (candidate), EMTP
    Data Insights Programmer, New York Presbyterian
  63. Michelle Prescott, NRP, FP-C
    Program Coordinator, University of Texas Health San Antonio
  64. Mourning Fox, MA, LCMHC
    Deputy Commissioner, Vermont Department of Mental Health
  65. Myles Block, AAS, BA, NRP, IC
    Fire Fighter/Paramedic, Hampden Public Safety
  66. Nancy Erickson
    Public Health Communication & Policy Advisor, Vermont Department of Health
  67. Nicholas Aunchman, MD
    Assistant Professor of Surgery, Division of Emergency Medicine, University of Vermont Medical Center
  68. Patricia A. Pettis, BSN, APRN, MS, PPCNP-BC
    Captain, US Public Health Service Region I Field Project Officer, OEM/ASPR/HHS
  69. Paul A. Werfel, MS, NREMT-P
    Prolific International Speaker and Author, Contributing Editor for JEMS Magazine
  70. Paul Marcolini, Paramedic
    Quality Improvement Coordinator, TriCounty EMS, Lewiston, Maine
  71. Prescott Nadeau
    Senior Firefighter/Public Information Officer, Williston Fire Department
  72. Randal Severson
    Education Coordinator, North Dakota EMS Association
  73. Rebecca Bell, MD, MPH
    Pediatric Critical Care Physician, University of Vermont Medical Center
  74. Robyn Ayer, RN, BSN
    Emergency Preparedness Coordinator, Central Vermont Medical Center
  75. Sarah Perry, MPH
    Healthcare Preparedness Coordinator, Vermont Department of Health, Division of Emergency Preparedness, Response, and Injury Prevention
  76. Sean Fitch, Paramedic
    EMS Coordinator, Hartford Healthcare/EMSPro Expo
  77. Sharon Muellers
    Public Health Communication Officer, Vermont Department of Health
  78. Stefanie Lane, MS, MPH, NREMT
    Biothreats Project Coordinator, Massachusetts General Hospital
  79. Timothy Redding, NRP, I/C
    President, Emergency Education Consultants
  80. Tyler Molleur, BSN, RN, MSN (candidate)
    Registered Nurse and EMS Provider, University of Vermont Medical Center
  81. William Camarda, MS
    Director of Operations, Bennington Rescue Squad