1. Adam Wiener
    Dauphin/Cumberland/Perry Employment First Group - "Take Charge of Your Life - Choose Work"
  2. Alexandra Canavan
    Regional Executive Director, Merakey
  3. Amy Alford, M.Ed., BCBA
    Senior Clinical Consultant, Bureau of Autism Services, Department of Human Services
  4. Antoinette Hinkle
    Director, SPIN
  5. Ben Laudermilch
    Executive Housing Director, Office of Social Programs, Department of Human Services
  6. Beverly Frantz
    Project Director Criminal Justice and Healthy Sexuality, IOD/ Temple University
  7. Bev Weinberg
    Project Director, Integrate for Good, Access Services
  8. Bill Harriger
    President and CEO, Verland
  9. Brian Dengler
    Western Region Employment and Community Participation Supports Lead, Office of Developmental Programs, Department of Human Services
  10. Cecelia Hollands, MS, NCC, LPC
    Senior Clinical Supervisor, Barber National Institute
  11. Celia Feinstein
    Executive Director, Institute on Disabilities at Temple University
  12. Chandni Tandon
    Program Manager, The Hans Foundation
  13. Charles J. Hooker, III
    President and CEO, Keystone Human Services
  14. Chelsea Lutts
    Director, SPIN
  15. Cheryl Dougan
    Parent Activist, National Alliance for Direct Support Professionals, Board
  16. Chris Bellias
    Manager Customized Employment, JEVS hireAbility
  17. Colleen Horcher
    Director of Nursing, SPIN
  18. Cory Griesbaum
    President, CAG Clearfield/Jefferson Co
  19. Craig Escudé, MD
    President, Health Risk Screening, Inc.
  20. Danelle Sunseri
    Clinical Specialist, Merakey
  21. Dan Sausman
    Dauphin/Cumberland/Perry Employment First Group - "Take Charge of Your Life - Choose Work"
  22. David Dragone
    Director of 6400 Community Homes, Melmark
  23. David Fye
    Director of Behavioral Services, Fayette Resources, Inc.
  24. David Schwartz
    President Bucks/Montco Consumer Advisory Group, Merakey
  25. Dawn Wolfe
    Lebanon County Employment Coalition - "Work With Us"
  26. Deborah Bennett
    Fiscal Director, Futures Community Support Services, Inc.
  27. Denise Brown
    Director of Quality Management & Development, Philadelphia Coordinated Health Care
  28. Dennis Felty
    Founding President, Keystone Human Services
  29. Dolores Frantz
    Quality Management Director, Office of Developmental Programs, Department of Human Services
  30. Donald Szegda
    President/CEO, Community Interactions, Inc.
  31. Elizabeth Neuville
    Executive Director, Keystone Institute
  32. Eric O'Neill
    Northeast Regional Program Representative, Office of Developmental Programs, Department of Human Services
  33. Eugene DePasquale
    Auditor General, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
  34. Frank Pastizzo
    President, Warm Up The Workplace, Inc.
  35. Gene Harshaw
    Manager, Blue Spectrum
  36. Genevieve Fitzgibbon
    Deputy Director, Keystone Human Services International
  37. George Casady
    Day Services Director, Indian Creek Foundation
  38. Georgiann Fisher
    Vice President of Human Resources, Peaceful Living
  39. Gregory Cherpes, MD
    Medical Director, Office of Developmental Programs, Department of Human Services
  40. Gwendolyn Harshaw
    Marketing Manager, Blue Spectrum
  41. Jackie Stevens
    Chief Operations Officer, Penn-Mar Human Services
  42. James Conroy
    Chief Scientist, Center for Outcome Analysis
  43. Janice Knowlton
    Vice President for Intellectual Disability and Autism, Access Services
  44. Jason Sisock
    HR Strategic Partner, Merakey
  45. Jeffrey Cooper
    Colonel, USAF, Retired
  46. Jennifer Hughes
    Chief of Staff, SPIN
  47. Jeremy Haloskie
    Parent Advocate
  48. Jessica Fenchel
    Vice President for Adult Behavioral Health, Access Services
  49. Jessica Stover, MS, ATP, CESP
    Director of Training and Consultation, Networks for Training and Development, Inc.
  50. Jim Bryan
    Founder, The Professional Humanitarian Project
  51. Jim Wisz
    Executive Director of Operations, Millin Associates, LLC
  52. Jocelyn Vega
    HR Strategic Partner, Merakey
  53. Joe Cipolla
    Executive Director, JEVS hireAbility
  54. John Barber
    President and CEO, Barber National Associates
  55. John Collins
    Director of The Office of Medical Marijuana, Pennsylvania Department of Health
  56. John Jabour
    Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Keystone Human Services
  57. John McGonigle, Ph.D.
    Director, Pennsylvania Autism Training Institute, LLC
  58. John Walker
    Philadelphia Advisory Group Member, Merakey
  59. Joseph Samet
    Senior EDI Business and Regulatory Analyst, Millin Associates, LLC
  60. Josh Shusterman
    Disability Navigator, JEVS Human Services
  61. Judith Dotzman
    Executive Director, SPIN, Inc.
  62. Julia Barol, CESP
    President, Transition Consults, LLC
  63. Julie Sozio
    Certified Supports Broker, Transition Consults, LLC
  64. Kaelynne Koval
    Program Director, Resources for Human Development
  65. Karen Parenti, Ph.D.
    Executive Director, Melmark
  66. Kathy McHale
    President and CEO, SPIN, Inc.
  67. Kathy Trumbore
    Lifesharing Director, KenCrest
  68. Kelly Arnold
    Human Services Program Specialist, Statewide Employment Lead, Pennsylvania Office of Developmental Programs, Department of Human Services
  69. Kelly Knarr
    Regional Director, Fayette Resources, Inc.
  70. Ken Smith
    Director of Development, Rest Assured
  71. Kevin Stinson
    CEO, Stinson Group
  72. Kristin Ahrens
    Acting Deputy Secretary, Pennsylvania Office of Developmental Programs, Department of Human Services
  73. Laura Howell
    Executive Director, Maryland Association of Community Services
  74. Lea Anne Gardner
    National Director Population Health, Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health
  75. Leah Klish
    Director of Education - Intellectual Disability Services, Keystone Human Services
  76. Leland Sapp
    CEO, Peaceful Living
  77. Lisa Musselman
    COO, Peaceful Living
  78. Lisa Svidron, MA. CESP
    Employment Services Supervisor, InVision Human Services
  79. Lisa Tesler
    Director, PA Family Network
  80. Lolly Bentch
    Patient Liaison of the Office of Medical Marijuana, Pennsylvania Department of Health
  81. Lynn Breedlove
    Co-Chair, Wisconsin Long Term Care Coalition
  82. Maggie Haag, LSW
    Senior Director of Adult Services, Melmark
  83. Marjie Foster
    Center for Advancement & Partnerships, InVision Human Services
  84. Mark Bernstein
  85. Mark Davis
    President, Ohio Provider Resource Association
  86. Mary Kate Parson
    Unit Manager, Quality Progressions
  87. Matt Hoffman
    Managing Partner, Afia
  88. Melissa Fereday
    Foundation & Corporate Relations Manager, InVision Human Services
  89. Michael Barnhart
    Employment Coordinator, QUEST, Inc.
  90. Monica McCall, Ph.D.
    CEO, Creative Options
  91. Nicki Woods
    Site Administrator PA CareerLink Suburban Station, JEVS Human Services
  92. Pamela Seetoo
    Associate Director, Keystone Institute
  93. Richard Follett
    Senior Consultant, Northland Consulting Associates
  94. Rick Smith
    Director, Bureau of Financial Management and Program Support, Office of Developmental Programs, Department of Human Services
  95. Robert Patton
    Senior Director of Operations, Qualifacts
  96. Rochelle Von Hof, M.S., Ph.D.
    Director of Clinical Services and Programming, Barber National Institute
  97. Ron Melusky
    Division of Program Operations, Bureau of Community Services, Office of Developmental Programs
  98. Sandi Cooper
    Executive Director, Neighbours, Inc.
  99. Sandra Powell, MS
    Coordinator of Clinical Services, Devereux
  100. Shabina Bano
    Program Manager, The Hans Foundation
  101. Sharon Potter
    Sexuality Consultant, Specializing in Intellectual Disabilities
  102. Shawn Quigley, Ph.D., BCBA-D
    Senior Director of Clinical Services, Melmark
  103. Sheila Theodorou
    Bureau Director of Community Services, Office of Developmental Programs, Department of Human Services
  104. Shelly Chandler
    CEO, Iowa Association of Community Providers
  105. Sr. Kathleen Schipani
    Director, Office for Persons with Disabilities, Archdiocese of Philadelphia
  106. Stacey Figueroa, CESP
    Certified Supports Broker, Transition Consults, LLC
  107. Stacy Nonnemacher, Ph.D.
    Clinical Director, Office of Developmental Programs, Department of Human Services
  108. Stewart Shear
    National Director of I/DD Services, Devereux
  109. Susan Rzucidlo, CESP
    Certified Supports Broker and Parent, Transition Consults, LLC
  110. Susan Tachau
    Chief Executive Officer, Pennsylvania Assistive Technology Foundation
  111. Thomas Tirney
    President, Arlington Heritage Group, Inc.
  112. Tim Greusel
    Director, Quality Enhancement Support Team (QEST)
  113. Tom Jost
    Residential Director - Erie County, Lakeshore Community Services
  114. Volcano Shelton, MPA
    Program Administrator, Devereux