Design for Work – how to make recruiters/employers more neuro-inclusive

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Oct 28th at 3:15 PM until 4:15 PM


Digital Inclusion 


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Introduce ‘Neurodiversity’ - an umbrella term to include individuals with Autism/ASC, ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and Asperger’s (a fuller list includes other conditions such as bipolar disorder, OCD, Tourette’s and more). It’s estimated that around 10 per cent of the population is neurodivergent in some way and only 16 per cent of adults with autism are in full-time paid employment in the UK (National Autistic Society). Therefore, this will be an interactive workshop to ideate on improving the employment experience of neurdivergent individuals with digital and non-digital solutions. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss real-life scenarios that they're facing as job-seekers and employees, as well as participating in some creative exercises to understand & improve the issues.

This is a Learning Forum session.