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How To Be Better Than Compliant

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Oct 27th at 11:15 AM until 12:45 PM


Privacy and Security 
Open Leaders 


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Our cross-disciplinary team is working to design and develop tools which will redress the power imbalance which is implicit in long-winded terms and conditions, empowering customers to make informed decisions regarding their personal data, and enabling brands to demonstrate their commitment to trustworthiness and openness.

Current work is focussed on a browser extension which will parse terms and conditions, compare them to user preferences, and flag any deviations. We want to fuel participant creativity around what other tools, to evaluate trustworthiness, could look like.

Participants will split into groups to try simple digital contracts (in the form of consumer T&Cs). We are looking to identify what individuals would consider to be a significant impact of automated processing, so participants will hunt for the clauses that matter to them.

After ranking their own priorities for trust, we will work in groups to generate quick fire concepts for tools that would allow participants to compare digital interactions so they can decide who to trust.

This is a Learning Forum session.