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Anti-harassment policies and future of workplaces (Internet): How far are we?

Date & Time

Oct 28th at 2:00 PM until 3:00 PM


Digital Inclusion 
Mozilla Fellow + Awardees 


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The participants will learn a high-level overview of of Anti-harassment policies (AHP) that every organizations should incorporate to cultivate a healthy and inclusive workplace for everyone. Topics range from role of governments and employers, communication mechanisms and to difficulties of adapting AHP. We expect participants from different kinds of workplaces (e.g. civil society organizations, open-source communities) to actively indulge in the discussion.

In the first half, we discuss the workflow of AHP in a typical corporate environment where workplace is confined between four walls. In the second half, we will discuss the difficulties of formulating policies for online communities (e.g. FOSS) to whom workplace is loosely defined as the “Internet".

This is a Learning Forum session.

Session Facilitators