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Open Source from an Indigenous Perspective

Date & Time

Oct 27th at 10:00 AM until 11:00 AM


Open Leaders 


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We implemented automatic speech recognition for te reo Māori using Mozilla's DeepSpeech. We quickly realised that our tikanga (cultural customs) around protecting indigenous knowledge needed to be documented in a way that would allow us to embrace digital technologies while preserving our cultural integrity and preventing digital colonisation; hence, our Kaitiakitanga License was born.

The Session

This session will start with a brief introduction on indigenous knowledge and data sovereignty and on the risks of digitising indigenous languages and cultures. We'll also talk about our Kaitiakitanga License, which focuses on guardianship of data and knowledge rather than ownership.

We'll then engage in discussion and debate around the issues of open source in an indigenous context. We want to take a step back and think about what open source needs to be today taking into account indigenous people's and other minority groups' values. Open source is great when we're all equal, but many are still disadvantaged and don't (yet) have the privilege to gain from open source.