Open journaling

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Oct 28th at 11:00 AM until 12:30 PM


Privacy and Security 


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We’ll explore journaling as a way to maintain an online presence while reserving space to think privately, discuss publicly, safeguard your goods and process information overload. Why journaling? Because handwritten notes can be a creative way to learn the basics of "online work-life balance” and privacy hygiene. (And because it’s fun.)

Let’s talk about which parts of your everyday experience are best suited for online consumption, and what to keep for yourself. Bring your own digital or physical journal, or drop by and take a fresh one home for free!

Where are you storing your memories: online, offline, or both? Are all of your passwords and private info stored digitally, or do you keep a physical file? What information is safe to store in the Cloud, on Facebook, or in your private notes? How do you take a break from the internet, when the internet is where you work and live?

Take a break from the intensity of Mozzing to relax with a good book...that you can write yourself. While we're at it, let's learn about where our data is safest, be that online or in the real world.

This is a Shed session.