Targeted advertising: Holding companies accountable for human rights harms

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Oct 27th at 11:15 AM until 12:45 PM


Privacy and Security 


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The internet’s primary business model relies on tracking user activity, combining it with data from other sources, and monetizing the resulting big data to serve users with targeted advertising. While many people have been uncomfortable with this arrangement for a long time, the 2016 Brexit referendum and U.S. presidential election, and the subsequent Cambridge Analytica scandal, have brought public awareness to the political and civic implications of targeted advertising. However, there is no consensus yet about the exact nature of the problem, much less solutions. Ranking Digital Rights is seeking input from experts and stakeholders (notably the Mozilla community!) on what companies need to do to mitigate the harms caused by targeted advertising, and hold them accountable when they don’t.

This is a Learning Forum session.