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#SmashingThePatriarchy101: Dismantle social injustice via Decentralisation

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Oct 28th at 11:00 AM until 12:00 PM




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Tl;dr: I know the struggle for equality can be rough (particularly at the moment, it seems), but laughter is the best medicine so come and have some fun together while we tackle the topic of how to reach gender equality sooner rather than later.

Come along and explore gender (in)equality in a tongue-in-cheek and informal format - playing a satirical version of Monopoly - "Smashing the 'Bro'-nopoly".

In another activity, we will have to work together using trial and error to overcome obstacles as we race against the clock to reach our goal - ''Gender Equality within 100 years'. Will we make it in time? Come along to find out.

About me as a presenter:

  • passionate and staunch advocate for equality (I believe all humans deserve equal rights)
  • 'feminist killjoy' slam poet, known to slip into rhyming rants (I'll be on my best behaviour, which is not that well-behaved tbh)
  • prefer to approach this topic with a sense of humour (if I don't laugh I'd probably cry)
  • I aim to live up to this mission: "Do something with your life that would make a 1950s white man angry."

The backstory:
The World Economic Forum report indicates that Gender Equality is over a century away, which is not ok with me. I believe changing the world starts within our circle of influence (no matter how small), and that privilege comes with responsibility; so I aim to make the best use of my blessed life by inspiring my fellow humans to speak up and make impactful change for good (particularly as we move closer towards the digital era, where our voices can be heard and spread around the world with the click of a button).

Come along, and together let's cast a stone into the ocean of potential change and set things into motion. Break the still waters. Rock the proverbial boat.

See you there!

P.S: All genders are very warmly welcomed.

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