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Blind Code Reviews: Debiasing the Open Source Contribution Process

Date & Time

Oct 27th at 10:00 AM until 11:00 AM


Digital Inclusion 


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Even when we are trying to be fair, most of us still have unconscious biases that influence code reviews based on the author's perceived gender, race, and/or authority. Blind Code Reviews is a Mozilla experiment that hides the identity of pull request author on Github, letting reviewers focus on judging code on its own merits.

Following an introduction and a brief show-and-tell installing and using the browser extension, participants will be invited to install it themselves, browse some repositories in blind mode, and report on how it changes their perception of PRs.

This will spark a discussion about bias, and how separating contributions from the author/authority may influence our judgement of code quality.

This is a Learning Forum session.

Session Facilitators