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Decentralised identities, storage, and applications with Blockstack

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Oct 28th at 2:00 PM until 3:00 PM




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Blockstack is a new decentralised Internet ecosystem that users -- not big Internet companies -- control.

The session will be divided in

* An introduction to the Blockstack ecosystem: Motivations, and a high-level overview of the main building blocks (i) decentralised naming and discovery, allowing users to register and control their identities, and (ii) decentralised storage, allowing users to keep control on their data.

* A non technical, hands-on experience: Registration of a Blockstack ID, and test of different Blockstack applications such as Graphite (decentralised replacement for Google G-suite), Stealthy (decentralised Instant messaging) and others (

* A short, more technical, overview on how to get started for developing a decentralised application (log in, storing and retrieving data, using JavaScript)

This is a Learning Forum session.