Commons Platform Gallery area

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Oct 27th at 5:00 AM until 5:00 AM




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Our Collaboration Zone is going to be a space where you can come and find out about the Commons Platform and at the same time bring your self, your thoughts, ideas, creativity, experience and technologies and those from your community, group or organisation. Together we can have look at how they might fit in with our vision of an interconnected, interoperable, decentralised eco-system of applications and technologies that will help create the kind of world we want to live in!

You'll be able to get an idea of the potential of the Commons Platform and how you might use it or collaborate with it, in future, and we'll be on hand to discuss this and find out more about what creative ideas people have that will help us move the idea forward imaginitvely.

We're hopefully gonna be decorating the space with Jellyfish models made by our members and by the communities who are already part of the Platform. Why? Well…….to simplify the metaphor for the moment – the Jellyfish has come to symbolise for us the nature of our decentralised approach to working and collaboration! If you want to find out more come talk to us! Either about the Platform or about Jellyfish – we're gonna be relaxed and open to any and all conversation. Oh, and if you want to bring your own Jellyfish model to join the swarm then please feel free! We'd be honoured!

We'll also be running a number of streamed and recorded conversations about different aspects of decentralisation over the two days. Anyone is free to join in.

So these conversations will be:

Saturday 11 AM (TBC):
On integrating the various technologies and tools into the Commons Platform; as a project that is evolving through collaborating with many existing organisations and communities, we'll be discussing the ways in which a Platform can be developed utilising technologies, tools and approaches developed by those groups. People are welcome to join the conversation and discuss ways in which their own projects might link up with the Platform in a similar manner.
Sophie Varlow, Founder of Commons Platform

Nick Wood, Co-Founder of Commons Platform

Alexandra Wright, CEO of Able App, a decentralised skills marketplace helping flexible available gig workers share, or volunteer, skills.

Mark London, creator and CEO of local-market-place app, Limeslice

Ruth Catlow, artist, recovering web utopian and co-founder/co-director of Furtherfield and DECAL

Saturday 3PM (TBC)
On creating the conditions for collaboration in decentralised organisations.

Sophie Varlow

Nick Wood

Indra Adnan, co-initiator of The Alternative UK

Ruth Catlow

Lauren Moore Nignon, an expert in comons-based innovation and Digital Media design.

Sunday 11AM (TBC)
On the potential for distributed ledger systems and cryptocurrency in relation to decentralisation, platform technology, ways of working, collaboration and alternative economic systems.

Sophie Varlow

Nick Wood

Lauren Moore Nignon

Sunday 3PM (TBC)
On using the Commons Platform to link collaboration with activism in order to connect movements and work side by side with other groups to achieve common goals.

Sophie Varlow

Nick Wood

Uma Mishra-Newbery, Director of Global Community at Women's March Global

Alda Terracciano, artist, activist and academic researcher placing the themes of migration and cultural memory at the core of her practice.

On balancing openness with privacy and security in a decentralised organisation.
Sophie Varlow

Nick Wood

Kade Morton, Commons Platform Security Consultant