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Everyone is invited: Increasing participation in peer review with live-streamed preprint journal clubs

Date & Time

Oct 27th at 4:30 PM until 5:30 PM


Mozilla Fellow + Awardees 


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Preprint journal clubs (preprint JCs) take an already existing infrastructure at academic institutions and coopt them to provide a medium to give preprint authors feedback and participants training in peer review. However participation, and by extension expertise, on the preprint topic is limited by geography. To increase the accessibility of preprint JCs, PREreview is introducing live-streamed preprint JCs. Emulating the Mozilla Open Leaders cohort calls, the live-streamed preprint JC will invite participants to discuss and review a preprint on the topic of open science/scholarship. They will be joined by remote participants that can increase the diversity of viewpoints. Two hosts will co-lead the session and guide the participants through the call using predetermined questions, silent etherpadding, and vocal participation.

This is a Shed session.