Satellites and human rights: when important evidence reveals too much

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Oct 27th at 3:15 PM until 4:15 PM


Mozilla Fellow + Awardees 
Open Leaders 


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We'll be using a hands-on example of an investigation using satellite imagery to learn about the constant challenge of privacy versus proof. You'll get to try your hand at an investigation and then talk through the research results from different perspectives.

We'll be delving into the questions: how far should you go to be open about your research process if your work starts identifying people's homes or where they were hurt? What are the ethics of sharing geo-located, incident-specific information that could hold those perpetrating human rights abuses to account, when they also could put innocent people at risk? And what happens if some people don't even know their personal information is out there?

A note: this session will cover serious issues, such as human rights abuses, and will not be suitable for children.