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Lab CoC: Why we need Codes of Conduct and how to get them in every research laboratory

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Oct 28th at 3:15 PM until 4:15 PM


Mozilla Fellow + Awardees 


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Common sense is enough until it isn't. A Code of Conduct outlines expectations for community members, and sometimes that community is an academic lab. CoCs are not only good for establishing productive collaborations between lab members and helping build trust between mentor and mentees. A good one will welcome new members, inspire the team, and make clear the kinds of behavior that won't be tolerated. Ultimately, a good CoC is a tool for fostering a safe, transparent, inclusive, and successful lab. Here, we will discuss why CoCs should be mandatory in academic laboratories and ask participants to contribute to the design of open CoC templates that can be adopted and adapted by research laboratories. We will follow a design thinking approach and invite the group to share experiences around and contribute to different aspects of a Lab CoC. The output of this session will be shared on our GitHub repository.

This is a Learning Forum session with a hands-on component.