Opening up Ushahidi’s open source to young people inside and outside the education system.

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Oct 27th at 11:00 AM until 11:00 AM


Emergent Sessions 


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Discussion on the perceived barriers to bringing open source tool learning to schools is starting with questions like:

How does open source currently play a part in the formal UK curriculum?

How can we get educators/teachers (all subjects) using open source tech in the teaching resources?

What are relevant formats for young people today?

What are the key issues and need from young people and those that care for them?

Individuals or groups will then take an issue to explore using a participatory design workshop format which could include: Brainstorming, sketching, using 'off the shelf tools', writing, branching code, feedback on existing tools and how they can be improved/built upon.

Short demo of Ushahidi projects that focus on young people.

This is a Shed session.

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