Empowering Active Citizens: Political Engagement through Wikidata

Date & Time

Oct 28th at 11:00 AM until 12:30 PM




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We’ll begin with an introduction to mySociety, our Democratic Commons project, and our partnership with Facebook around crowdsourcing political data on Wikidata. Integral to our session will be a discussion about why political data matters, our approach to collecting data, and Wikidata as the future: how it’s powerful and why. The value of the Wikimedia community in capacity building will be highlighted. What this project can yield in civic participation and the research potential of an open and complete repository of political data will be presented. We’ll reinforce our belief and working principle that this project belongs to all and isn’t owned by any single stakeholder. We will urge participation and give an overview of what practical participation looks like.

This is a Learning Forum session.