Let’s discuss: Challenges and opportunities women face in ‘open’ spaces

Date & Time

Oct 28th at 2:00 PM until 3:00 PM




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In our session, women are encouraged to share insights on both challenges and opportunities in 'open' spaces - open government, open data, and civic tech. The session will be campfire format (max 5 people), and will include smaller focus groups. The facilitators will kick off the conversations about their challenges and opportunities to helps foster a group discussion and peer-to-peer learning for the rest of the session.

We will discuss:
1) What challenges do we face?
2) What are ways to overcome these challenges?
3) What are our solutions in the short and long run?

The groups will present back on what was discussed and action points to take forward. This includes gathering evidence on challenges, stories and experiences. Facilitators will write a blog post/1 pager/manifesto, anonymising what participants have discussed to make a call for action depending on identified challenges, key concerns and solutions in the open space. This will also include actions others can take.We want as many Open Heroines present as well as interested newcomers and supporters. We want this to be more than a discussion, but actions as we can take on as open communities.