But do you really need a chatbot? Creating design principles that matter.

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Oct 28th at 12:45 PM until 1:45 PM


Digital Inclusion 


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“It took me 15 clicks to find the information on a local refuge. If you only have 5 minutes alone, that’s at least 10 clicks too many.”

This quote from a survivor of abuse prompted Chayn to create a chatbot \Little window" that directs women to the information they are looking for as quickly as possible. It's not a human, and doesn't pretend to be one but not all chatbots are like that. What should be the design principles for creating "non-tech bro" chatbots that actually add value? We're going to present case studies of chatbots and get participants to rate them on the basis of inclusive design. No coding needed. "

This is a Learning Forum session.