The power of internet in the world of music

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Oct 27th at 3:15 PM until 4:15 PM


Youth Zone 


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“We will talk about how music is impacted by the internet today and how we can improve it. Then we will do some hands on music making to bring out our creative side”*

This submission is prepared by *Sophia, twelve-year-old-girl, who has been an active Mozfest participant for five-years. After Mozfest2017 she felt ready and asked me to help her submit this proposal.

First, Sophia would like to open a discussion about the impact the internet has in music. Then she will teach everyone how to make music by showing all the participants how to use a sequencer, which is freely available on the web.

By the end of the session everyone will walk out with their own music creation.

This is a Learning Forum session.