Virtual Reality Remix Parties

Date & Time

Oct 28th at 4:30 PM until 5:30 PM


Mozilla Fellow + Awardees 
Web Literacy 


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What if you could step into someone else's shoes? Experience the world from their vantage point. Take a tour of their history, their neighborhood, their dreams or aspirations. With WebVR technology, this is not only possible for anyone to do, it’s possible for anyone to create. Participants in our session will assemble virtual representations of the world as they see it to spread cultural competency, build empathy and generally blow other people’s minds. They will use Glitch and AFram to build or remix a VR tour to share with friends, neighbors or strangers. Participants will learn how organizations like E4 Youth do this with their community of young learners and how to bring the experience home to their own communities.

This is a Shed session.