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Project Things by Mozilla

Date & Time

Oct 28th at 11:00 AM until 11:00 AM


Privacy and Security 


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Build your own private smart home with a Raspberry Pi.

The “Web of Things" is a proposed W3C standard for creating a decentralized Internet of Things, by giving objects in the real world URLs on the web. The Things Gateway is an open source smart home hub built on the Web of Things, which allows you to directly monitor and control your home over the web, without a middleman.

Attendees will see how easy it is to monitor and control smart home devices using an interactive web interface, to create rules to automate devices using a drag and drop rules engine, to arrange devices on a floor plan, and even to control devices using a smart assistant which understands both spoken and written natural language commands. All within the privacy of their own home.

There will also be demonstrations of a wide range of fun DIY web things that makers can build themselves using the Things Framework. Examples will be shown using several low-cost developer boards such as Arduino, Espressif, BBC micro:bit, Adafruit Circuit Playground, and Raspberry Pi.

This is a Gallery session.

Also look out for our hands-on Project Things workshop on Saturday.