Privacy and Security

Do you want to feel more safe online? You're not alone: privacy and security have never been more top-of-mind for everyday Internet users. Due to recent scandals involving the collection, use, and theft of sensitive information, individuals around the world now understand that the data trail they leave online could be anything but private.

As a result, the conversation around privacy and security has shifted. Now that Internet users understand the risks, how can we empower them to take control of their own data? What tools are available to citizens wanting to protect their own security, and how can we make them approachable, engaging, and fun? What mechanisms can we use to demand that companies and governments respect our privacy? How might we work together to envision a future where having a private life and an online life are not mutually exclusive?

Participants in this year's Privacy & Security space will leave feeling informed, empowered, and ready to lead themselves and others to secure their personal data.

Sessions tagged Privacy and Security will explore this narrative and take place on Level 9.