Web Literacy

Do you remember what a computer looked like in the 1950s? Can you recall what a floppy disk looked like? From those first machines to today's super-fast computers, we've come a long way. The same is true for the Internet. The internet is no longer a luxury — it's a necessity, like clean water or shelter. Today, with the entire world coming online, it's more important than ever for users to understand the power and limitations of the web.

In the Web Literacy space, we'll help you understand and harness the power of today's internet. Whether you're a new user just starting to use the web or are a power user who's always online, you'll learn something new in this space. We'll help you understand the importance of controlling your data, and how it relates to your online experience.

When you come to the Web Literacy space, bring your web experiences along with you — good or bad. This year's Web Literacy space is a place for sharing, discussing, and learning the superpowers of the internet.

Sessions tagged Web Literacy will explore this narrative and take place in the Library on Level 4