Digital Inclusion

For some of us, the web is a space for collective creativity, invention, and expression. We use it to study, conduct science, find jobs, make money, eat, grow food, have sex, and more. Imagine the web in 50 years, and the amazing things we'll do with the technology to come.

Now imagine that you are left out of this future.

When we exclude people and communities, we prevent web content and technology from growing and changing in new, surprising, and inventive ways. It's our job now to ensure we all have access, and we all get the best, most vibrant, and dynamic web possible.

In the Digital Inclusion space, we will discover the forces — of history, of society, of technology — that keep people off the web and prevent the web from evolving. We'll witness how new, unheard voices and ideas can transform the web. Together, we'll explore, invent, and share technology, design, and activism to bring more people than ever online.

Sessions tagged Digital Inclusion will explore this narrative and take place on Level 8.