Daniel Szuc & Josephine Wong


Level 8 - 804a - Learning Forum 2

What will happen in your session?

In our fast changing world we need to build a team environment and projects that foster meaningful work, collaboration, creativity and a continuous and supportive learning environment to succeed.

Our aim is to create team environments where people from all disciplines in the team make, learn and thrive in a sustained and optimal manner.

We all want to work in a "The Dream Team" to help "Make Meaningful Work" together and cultures to support it.

What is the goal or outcome of your session?

This workshop will:

  • Identify frustrations in projects that block meaningful work
  • Demonstrate how to build a team that will have the edge on your competition
  • Provide a "Journal Template" to help you and team log project stories
  • Provide a "Meaning Canvas" to demonstrate individual and team value
  • Provide a "Learning Portfolio & Sparkle Plan" to sustain individual and team practices to nurture meaning and a culture of continuous learning for "The Dream Team".