Jaleesa Trapp


Level 2 - 205
Jaleesa is a graduate student at the MIT Media Lab with the Lifelong Kindergarten research group where she is focused on creative learning and learning technologies. Specifically, she is examining the race, class, and social barriers to constructionism in education through an intersectional lens with the hope to provide solutions to eradicate them - giving marginalized youth access to STEM technologies and equipping educators to provide an equitable learning environment. Prior to graduate school, Jaleesa was the Computer Clubhouse Coordinator in Tacoma, WA - where she also participated as a member from 7th-12th grade. She was also a computer science teacher at the Science and Math Institute (SAMI), and then helped start the Industrial Design Engineering and Art (IDEA) school. Additionally, she is a community organizer with a group called Tacoma Action Collective, where she has helped bring awareness to many issues such as health disparities, gun violence, police violence, housing inequalities, the achievement gap in education, access and representation in STEM, and other issues that impact marginalized people. She received her Bachelor's degree from the University of Washington in Human Centered Design and Engineering with a concentration in Human Computer Interactions.