Alison Killing

Migration Trail is a mapped data visualisation following the journeys of two characters: a Nigerian man and a Syrian woman. During Mozilla Festival, we will follow their stories in real time, as they set off from North Africa and Turkey, travelling over the sea, to and through Europe. The map changes colour over the course of the day and night. Zooming in, you see data related to the individual character, such as the availability of wifi, or how far they can continue to travel before their phone battery runs out, zooming out, you see data that puts their journey into context - flights over Europe, border walls, statistics about where people are travelling and where they stand the best chance of having their asylum claim granted.

For ethical reasons, this is a reconstruction, but is presented as live in order to convey the urgency and immediacy of events. It is based on true stories. The voices of the two characters have been written as instant message feeds by Nigerian author Elnathan John and Lebanese scriptwriter Nadia Asfour and these can be seen on the website (during the live run of the project, these were also available in Facebook messenger).

The aim of this work is to create a better informed conversation about migration and to show that you can tell a compelling story using data and maps.

We would love to tell more migration stories using this platform and have some fantastic writing already commissioned that we are keen to produce as part of the data visualisation. We are also keen to show this work further, to bring these stories to as large an audience as possible. Please get in touch if this is of interest to you.